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Connection status of CBW, Primary AP to CBD showing down


This is my first time setting up the CBD. I have one AP, CBW 140AC-B, set up as a primary AP. I am not using PnP. The AP and the Cluster show up in the Network tab of the CBD. The AP shows up in the inventory tab in the CBD but when I open it there it says online but at the bottom, it says under Pending Config, Initializing. I cannot apply the pending config. It just errors out. 

 On the CBW I have gone into the Advanced tab and then into CBD Settings. I added the information and regenerated a new Access Key and Shared Secret. I made sure the self-cert of the CBD has the correct IP in the common name and alt id name. I uploaded the certificate Using Primary AP tools, upload file, as a "CBD SERV CA Certificate using HTTP (Local Machine). I get this message, HTTP_LOCAL receive complete...CBD Root CA Cert Uploaded.

The little save icon turns red. I save and I even reboot. But The status of the CBD connection never changes from down on the Primary AP. I am sure I am missing something but I cannot find anything else to change or check. 

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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I'm guessing from your description that the CBW APs are in the same network as the dashboard, in which case, there is no need to configure anything on the CBD page in the CBW GUI.  That page is only used when the access points are installed on a remote network without a CBD probe.

So going back to the initial problem about the pending config state being initialising, it's likely that this is because the dashboard is not able to read the current configuration of the device, and the most likely reason for that is that CBD does not know the correct credentials to use to access the device.  So first of all, can you go to the Administration > Device Credentials page in CBD, and see if the CBW device is listed in the devices needing credentials table.  If it is, you can use the edit button next to the device entry in that table to tell CBD what credentials to use.  If it is not there, then we will need to dig a bit deeper, but that seems like the most likely cause.



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