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Possible connection issue from CBD to CBS 240ac access point


Ive got an interesting issue with my new setup that I can't seem to solve. Im sure it's just something missing in my understanding of the function of the probe


I have have a CBS250 switch and a CBW240ac AP with the Cisco Business Dashboard running in vSphere


I seem to be missing my wireless data in the dashboard. I can see my various SSIDs in it but not usage statistics etc. I can see statistics from the switch interfaces but not the AP. I have the local probe running on the VM, have configured the credentials for the devices, configured like community strings in SNMP across devices, tried renewing the self-signed certificate and uploading that to the AP, and have enabled the dashboard connection in the AP's settings.


Any input would be appreciated

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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What you have described sounds a bit like you might have the AP being discovered by the local probe as well as configured as a direct managed device.  Is that right?  If the AP is on the same network as the dashboard VM - and by same network I don't mean that it has to be on the same broadcast domain as the probe can discover across VLANs - then there is no need to configure anything in the CBW GUI's CBD page.  If the AP is known from two different sources, then that could easily explain why you are not seeing any telemetry information.


So to diagnose this a bit further, I'd like to start by understanding the network topology and how the CBW devices is being seen by CBD.  Then we can see what other information we will need to get to the bottom of the problem.


If you want to try and resolve the problem more quickly, I'd suggest call the support teams on your local number listed on  Then an engineer can work through this with you live.




Hey Dave, That's kinda what I was thinking too


Topology wise, everything is connected to the same switch, including the CBD appliance. I do want to mention I have the embedded probe enabled in the CBD under System>Local Probe. I do not have a separate probe running but I can change that if required.Topology.PNG

When I initially set it up I was a little confused by the AP having two IP addresses, but I assume it's the one I have statically configured for a controller address of some kind, and the other being the AP itself with DHCP. I also ran the FindIT tool and it looks like it can see everything in the network


I disabled the CBD connections in the switch and AP and removed the direct-managed credentials but that has not seemed to do the trick. In this process I did notice that there are new logs being created in the CBW page, possibly a device trying to log in with default credentials now?



Thanks for the help Dave, I hope this helps. Let me know if you need any specific information.

Check the Administration > Device Credentials page in CBD.  There's a lot of information about the device that CBD can gather without logging in, but telemetry requires access.  See if there is an entry in the 'Devices need credentials' table for the AP, and if so, supply the necessary credentials using the edit action.




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