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Problem registering Cisco Business Dashboard with Smart Software Licensing behind proxy

tim tratter


We are currently testing Cisco Business Dashboard and Cisco Business Switches 350 series. We have encountered a problem with the registration of the dashboard with the Smart Software Licensing.

The network where the dashboard server is located can only access the internet via web proxy. The server is a Ubuntu 20.04 Server on which the dashboard was installed via shell script (


The proxy and its certificate are installed correctly on the server. We can install updates via apt and the installation script of the Dashboard also runs without problems. The dashboard itself works without any problems. On the licensing page of the Dashboard we enter the correct proxy data in the "Transport Settings". However, when we try to link the Dashboard to our Smart Licensing account using a valid "Product Instance Registration Token", we simply get an error message "Failed to register".
On the command line of the Ubuntu Server I can use "journalctl | grep cbd" to detect the error message "%CISCO-SMART-LIC% Smart Agent Registration with Cisco licensing cloud failed: Communication send error.


Does anyone have an idea how to proceed to solve this problem?

We have tried both dashboard version 2.2.2 and the brand new version 2.3.0.


thanks in advance


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David Harper
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Tim,


That definitely should work.  Can I get you to try again, and then collect the debug logs from the system by going to System > Log Settings and then clicking the Download Log File button?  Depending on how long the system has been running, the resulting file might be a little on the large side, but if you can PM it to me, I can have the team take a look.




Hi David


I have sent you a PM




Need some help.

Few days ago, I was managed to installed CBD-Probe Ubuntu on my vm_6.5. However, i can view the CBD website by change form the server to my local IP but when I configured using my local domain IP address then it gives me the "Failed to connected to cisco business dashboard"


Please help. thanks

I've just responded to this in the other thread.




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