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April 2022 Community Spotlight Awardees, you are being seen!

Oxana Mauch
Community Manager

Cisco Community continues recognizing the Spotlight Award winners!

There is no better feeling than knowing you are valued and appreciated.  Today, we announce another amazing group of enthusiasts who were acknowledged by their community peers. Thanks to everyone who filled out the nomination form and hearty congratulations to the awardees!Banners_Spotlight_Awards_april-400x200_2022.png

As a thank-you for active participation and helpful contributions, the April Spotlight Award winners will receive a badge, a 30-day icon, and, starting from March 2022, a Spotlight Award trophy.

We look forward to seeing who will be named the Spotlight Award winners in May!

To learn more about the program click here and don’t forget to nominate your peer for the May Spotlight Award!


English Community Questions Answered, April 2022


Ambuj Mahendra
2022 April
English Community Member's Choice, April 2022


Flavio Miranda
2022 April
English Community Best Publication, April 2022
English Community Rookie, April 2022


Jitendra Kumar
2022 April
English Community, Developer of the Month, April 2022


Brandon Crenshaw
2022 April
Spanish Community Rookie, April 2022


Israel Calvillo
2022 April
Portuguese Community Member's Choice, April 2022


Pedro Ferreira
2022 April
Chinese Community Member's Choice, April 2022


Yilin Chen
2022 April
Japanese Community Questions Asked, April 2022


Fumihiro Takai
2022 April
French Community Rookie, April 2022
2 (1).png


Romain Kerleroux
2022 April
Korean Community Best Publication, April 2022
Joann Hartman
Community Manager

Congratulations to each of the April Spotlight winners! We are humbled and proud to have you participate and share your knowledge and talent with others. Each of you are part of the essence of the community and we would not be a community without you.  Thank you and well done!

Jimena Saez
Community Manager

It excites me to know that day by day we have more members participating and reaching the Spotlight Awards nominations.

All of you are very talented and help answer so many questions, which is inspiring to know that we can count on you at all times.

A pause to THANK YOU for how much you give us and send you a small acknowledgment as proof of our good will.


Gabriela Godoi do Prado
Community Manager

I am thrilled to see all of your contributions and, more than that, your willingness to build this community of technology enthusiasts. I appreciate your dedication and contributions to all members.

Yanli Sun
Community Manager

Congratulations to all the winners. Your contributions are really valuable and appreciated.

Special  thanks to @YilinChen for your support to Chinese Community as always.

Rising star

Thanks for the recognition, happy to contribute.

Rising star

Thanks for the award of the best publication. Happy to participate with ma contribution.

Jitendra Kumar
Rising star

Thank u !! very much happy to get an award... happy to contribute.




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