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Update as of 3.30.2023: We have received clarification regarding both the 'Published' and 'Edited' fields on articles published via this process:

The original ‘publish’ date of an article will always be the first date of publication, and will be inclusive of any time spent pending review. (The Blue box in the screenshot below)

The ‘edited’ field of an article will always be the date the most recent edit was submitted for review. (The Pink box in the screenshot below.)




Update as of 12.19: This process has been completed and moving forward you should expect to see only the ‘Submit for Review’ button in place of the ‘Publish’ button.


What is changing? 

We’re making a change to how you publish and share knowledge. In the past you could publish Knowledge Articles (formerly called Documents) directly. In the coming weeks you will no longer see the ‘Publish’ button when writing a new article. Instead, you will see an option to ‘Send for Publishing’. Once your article is submitted, a Community manager will review and publish it on your behalf within one business day.   

Think of the ‘Send for Publishing’ button as the new ‘Publish’ button. Our Community managers will be reviewing submitted articles for spam abuse, but not for accuracy, misspellings or improper grammar, so make sure that your article is show-ready before you submit it!  

When is this change happening? 

This will be a phased roll-out over the course of several weeks, beginning with the English community and then moving on from there.   

I see both a ‘Publish’ and a ‘Submit for Review’ button – which do I choose? 

Continue to use the ‘Publish’ button until you no longer see it as an option.  

Why are you making this change? 

There were several catalysts for this. The first, and most important, is site integrity. Eliminating potential areas of spam abuse was important to us, and this change helps us prevent that.   

Another reason was site limitation. Best practices for most communities is to limit the ability to create and publish knowledge articles to a select few members. We believe that everyone in our community should be able to share valuable information. This new workflow allows us to do just that while also protecting the site from unwanted spam.  

Will I still get credit for articles I submit for review? 

Yes – when your article is published it will act exactly as you’re used to. It will be published from your id, count as an article you published, and Helpful votes you receive will count towards your totals.   

Am I able to edit my articles?

Yes – once published you will have the option to edit any article you have authored.  

What do I need to do now? 

The next time you write a Knowledge Article, check to see if there is a ‘Publish’ button in your draft. If there is, use that. If the ‘Publish’ button is not there any longer, look for the ‘Send for Publishing’ button in the lower right corner and click it once you’re ready to submit it to the queue for publication (pic below).  

The ‘Publish’ button is replaced with ‘Submit for Review’.The ‘Publish’ button is replaced with ‘Submit for Review’.


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