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Cheers to the IT hero in your life

Community Manager

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With the increased demand for remote workers and telecommuting, our IT experts are experiencing stress and pressure like never before. Today, we need more than IT Support, we need to Support IT.

Add a comment to this post and mention (@user name) the name of the IT hero in your life and challenge them to share their top tips. 

Community Manager

I want to recognize all the Cisco Designated VIPs of Cisco Community who help many community members. We highly appreciate your work. One IT Hero is Leo Laohoo who constantly helps the community. @Leo Laohoo do you want to share your top tip with the community?

Hall of Fame Community Legend

I would like to thank @Monica Lluis and CSC management for their continuous support of the support forum and community. 

I wouldn't have gotten this far without them. 

Thank you very, very much.  

Community Manager

Thank you @Leo Laohoo for your comment. Do you want to share a top tip that have helped you many times, with this audience? Also, you can challenge another IT Hero to share their tips as well. Let's get the chain of top tips started.

VIP Mentor

Yes All VIP are constantly supporting the SuppotIT (with a collective no success here - not that i would like to mentioned single name, as WE are going to support as expected for the people as voluteering basis, and constantly as WE can.)


I know it is crucial for entire world be health and rquired constant support each other.


1. Focus

2. keep checking souroundings.

3. stop non-essential travale and social.

4. take care of family.



Community Manager

Thank you very much @balaji.bandi for your great advice.  Please stay safe and healthy. Which IT Pro do you want to challenge to give a top tip?


Hall of Fame Community Legend

@Monica Lluis wrote:
Do you want to share a top tip that have helped you many times

My tips: 

  • There is no better teacher than making mistake.  If you're not making any mistakes then you're not doing your job.
  • "Do the right thing" vs "Do the thing right" - In the networking world, this fight is real. 
  • There is a time to play, there is a time to pray and there is a time to spray - Do not "internalize" it.  At the end of each day, "power down".  Play computer games, have a grog (aka "beer" in Australian linggo) or two, go out on a date with your loved one(s), play with your pet, exercise -- do whatever it takes to calm down.  Networking is not a glamorous job.  Everyone will get awards, commendations and citations but Networking people always get the crumbs on the floor.
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