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Michelle Jeong
Community Manager
Community Manager

Cisco Community is going to Amsterdam, Netherlands on February 6-10 @ The Rai!
Visit our booth (#A23) at the World of Solutions to meet the team and co-design an even better Cisco Community.



New to Cisco Community?
Discover more about Cisco Community!

Visit our booth and discover how you could leverage this trusted knowledge hub through the demo. Cisco Community is not just the Q&A forum.


Already know Cisco Community well?
Share your experience!

  • Drop by the booth to say hello to Mariley and Diana—they want to get to know you!

MichelleJeong_1-1675307396541.png   MichelleJeong_2-1675307396557.png

  • Discuss, learn and share your feedback on all things Cisco Community.
  • Tell us how your experience at Cisco Live is going.
  • Let’s take pictures together and share them on social to let our network of peers know!


Can't be onsite?
Let’s go social! You can still be a part of Cisco Live EMEA virtually.

Provide a few words or in a sentence about “What does a community mean to you?” on your preferred social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Please don’t forget to tag us and/or use #CiscoCommunity and #CiscoLiveEMEA.


We are excited to see you there and wish you safe travels!

Last but not least, follow us to stay up to date:


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