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Cisco Community Designated VIP Class of 2020

Monica Lluis
Community Manager

Hearty Congratulations!



We are extremely excited to announce the 2020 Cisco Designated VIP class for the Cisco Community. This time we have 48 VIPs. All thanks to the incredible contributions you've made to the Community.

The Cisco Designated VIP program recognizes the top external individual contributors in Cisco's online communities, including Cisco Community, and Cisco Learning (CLN).

Cisco Designated VIPs are recognized by their peers for their expertise and tireless contributions, and their abundant participation is vital to community success. With this program, Cisco formally recognizes the positive, valuable influence our top individual members exert on the communities overall. 

Heartfelt congratulations to these Cisco technology industry leaders!

Thank you to all the 2019 Cisco Designated VIPs for all their contributions last year. We appreciate all your contributions regardless of the VIP status. We're always grateful since you are the soul of the Community and thanks to your knowledge sharing, this community continues to thrive.

- Cisco Community Team

Cisco Community VIPs

This distinction is only given to a select group of Cisco customers, partners and guest community members, based on many factors in the program. We are so grateful of the extensive community involvement of these highly respected technology experts. You can view their profiles and “follow” their posts to grow your knowledge.

Network Security
Contact Center
IP Telephony
Network Access Control
Switching, Routing, Network Security
Chris DerenSupport Forums Hall of Fame
IP Telephony,
Unified Communications, Contact Center,
Network Access Control, Security
Spanish, Wireless
Routing, Switching
Dennis Mink 
IP Telephony
Switching, Network Access Control, French
Routing, Switching
IP Telephony
Routing, Switching
IP Telephony, Contact Center
Switching, Routing, Portuguese
Jon MarshallSupport Forums Hall of FameSwitching, Routing
IP Telephony, Unified Communications
Switching, Routing
Spanish, Switching, Routing
Network Security, Endpoint Security
Leo LaohooSupport Forums Hall of Fame
Switching, Wireless, Routing
Switching, Routing, Spanish
Network Management, Switching, Wireless
IP Telephony
Network Security, Endpoint Security
Switching, Network Management
Marvin RhoadsSupport Forums Hall of Fame
Network Security

Mike Brezicky  N

Contact Center, Unified Communications

Network Access Control, Cisco DNA
 IP Telephony, Network Security
Routing, Switching
Network Access Control
Wireless, Switching
Rahul Govindan
Endpoint Security, Network Security
IP Telephony, Collaboration Applications
Support Forums Hall of Fame
Routing, Switching
Switching, Routing
Russian, Routing
Network Security, Endpoint Security
Unified Communications, IP Telephony
TelePresence and Video Infrastructure






VIP Class of 2019 Announcement

Cisco Learning Network VIPs

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VIP Expert

Congratulations All and Welcome new members !!

Joann Hartman
Community Manager

Congrats to all the members of Cisco Community VIP Class of 2020.  To those individuals who were VIPS last year, Welcome Back!  And to the new VIPs, Well Done! We are very glad to have you here.


As you know, the community is not just a bunch of discussions.  It is a place where people share their expertise and are willing to help each other with technical issues.  Your knowledge and support of others show you are in an elite group of experts and the community is stronger because you are a part of it.


Thank you again for all you have done and Congratulations on becoming a Cisco VIP and a member of the Class of 2020!.



Cisco Community


Seb Rupik
VIP Advisor

Congratulations to all of this years cohort!

It's a pleasure working with such great minds, I've learnt a great deal from this community.

Congratulations to all the winners - Felicitaciones para todos los ganadores
Julia Ustyugova
Community Manager

Congratulations to all winners and especially to @Sergey Lisitsin 

Great work!

Paul Zimmerman
Cisco Employee

Excellent! Thanks for all of your contributions, VIPs!

Jaderson Pessoa
VIP Collaborator

Congratulations to all. Thank you for the opportunity. :)

Jimena Saez
Community Manager

Thank you all for bringing out the best and inspire other community members.

This is the result of all your contributions, and we truly appreciate your dedication and commitment. Keep it up !

Specially thanks to @Francesco Molino and @luis_cordova who supported the French Cisco Community since the beginning. 

VIP Advisor

Muchas gracias por el reconocimiento y por las oportunidades que me brindan.

Gracias @hiarteag por invitarme a la comunidad

Felicitaciones a los VIP de este año.


Thank you so much for everything


C'est un plaisir d'aider



Kelli Glass
Community Manager

We are so fortunate to have users who are passionate, professional and willing to share their expertise with others. Our Community couldn't exist without you! Congratulations, to you all.

Tiago Santos da Silva
Cisco Employee

Cheers to the new members of Cisco Community VIP! I really want to congratulate and thank you all to share your valuable time helping the Community! A specially thank to @Jaderson Pessoa  for his help in the Portuguese Community.
Great work!

Cisco Employee

Congratulations to all the winners!!  
To VIPs, thank you very much.  It's really great!

George Sotiropoulos
VIP Collaborator

Congratulations to all, its a great honor!!

Manish Sanghi
Cisco Employee

Let me start by Congratulating all the 48 members of Cisco Community VIP Class of 2020. We have 13 New VIPs this year which is almost 25% of overall class, awesome. We welcome each one of you and value your tremendous contribution to this community.  It is your knowledge and support which make this community lively and stronger day by day.


Thank you again for all your support and Congratulation for becoming Cisco VIP.


Manish Sanghi- Cisco

Sergey Lisitsin
Rising star

Thank you very much, guys!!! I'm absolutely thrilled!!! :) 

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