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Community Helping Community: With UNICEF

Community Manager

Cisco Community invites each of you to join Cisco in lending a hand to UNICEF ; an independent, global organization that helps save and protect the world's most vulnerable children.

The Community Helping Community program is simple. Each time you do any of following activities listed below, Cisco will allocate $1 to donate. Once the total activities reach 10,000, we'll make the donation of up to $10,000 to UNICEF.
The program will run until January 31st or up to a maximum donation of $10,000 USD, whichever comes first.

This is the list of activities that will count for the donation. Click each of the links in the list below to get the step by step process to accomplish any of these activities:


  • Give Helpful Votes to content
  • Mark discussions replies as Accepted Solutions. For this you need to be the person that posted the question or created the discussion.
  • Subscribe to Categories, boards, labels and content.
  • Fill out your information on your Community Profile: Biography, Title, Signature, Occupation, Personal Web Pages, Social Accounts and your Avatar
  • Contribute with Project Stories, or
  • Post technical documents, videos, or blogs.

Thank you in advance for helping! And not only will you be helping make Cisco Community better, you'll also be helping people across the globe who are ill or in need, specially as the world is suffering this COVID-19 pandemic. We'll track our weekly progress using this thermometer on the homepage and other places throughout the community. Also, we’ll be providing updates of our progress with our Cisco Community social media channels. If you find that you would like to share this program as a way to spread goodwill this holiday season and into the New Year, you can do so via your own social network. When spreading the goodwill, be sure to use the hashtag #HelpingTheCommunity in your comments and contributions. And don’t forget – you can also tag Cisco Community on Twitter @cisco_support!

The image below is an example of how you will see we're making progress thought the community.


Thank you for helping the world while improving Cisco Community throughout this holiday season – and into the New Year!

- Monica and the Cisco Community Team



Great concept and looks well on the way to $10,000

Profile Check

Subscribing now

Thank you for good ideals. Well done.

Great Work!

VIP Rising star

Reposting this already on my Social Media.

This is for a good cause


Community Manager

Thank you @George Sotiropoulos for sharing this on your social media channels. We highly appreciate it!

VIP Rising star

Thanks @Monica Lluis , this is certainly my pleasure! 

Cisco Employee

What a great idea! I decided to piggyback with a blog on the NSO Developer Hub!  

Community Manager

Thank you so much @Nicklas Wagerth. We appreciate it!!

Community Manager

Thanks to all your support, we are half way through our goal, at $5,031.


Community Manager


banner_en_chc_sidebar_300x250_2020_unicef_january.pngHello all,

Happy New Year!! I hope 2021 is an extraordinary year full of joy, health, happiness, love and dreams come true for each of you. I am happy to let you all know that we have reached out goal of 10,000 activities!

Thank you all for your incredible support in this important endeavor. UNICEF will be very happy to receive this donation. We look forward to continue making Cisco Community a place where you support each other during 2021.

VIP Rising star

Thats amazing!!

I am truly honored for participating on this!


Thanks for hearing, Good News!!.

Good Initiative for a Good Cause


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