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Congratulations to Cisco Community Events Top Contributors 2021 Winners!!!

Monica Lluis
Community Manager

Hearty Congratulations! After pausing the Events Top Contributor program for few years, we are happy to launch the 2021 class. 

We're thrilled to announce the 2021 Cisco Community Events Top Contributors Winners. This year's class has 23 community members that hosted multiple events in the community.


The Events Top Contributors program recognizes the top external individual contributors in Cisco Community that delivered multiple high-quality events in the community in addition of actively participating in the community.

Events Top Contributors are recognized by their peers for their expertise, tireless contributions, and their abundant participation that is vital to the success of the community. With this program, Cisco formally recognizes the positive, valuable influence that our top individual members exert on the communities overall. 

Congratulations to each one of this year's Events Top Contributors recipients! We are grateful for your dedication and passion in sharing your knowledge, expertise and talent! It is your incredible contributions that continue to enrich the community!

If you are interested in hosting an event in Cisco Community, fill out this this form to let us know.

- Cisco Community Team


Events Top Contributors


Binwen Li Alain Faure Boubaker Kherfallah Ke Qin
Leonid Voronkin Daniel Dib David Penaloza Seijas Julio Moisa
Karina Astudillo Gabriel Florencio Alves Emil Garipov Guilherme Lyra
Horacio Benedicto Jaderson Pessoa Jonas de Fraga Fonseca Luis Cordova
Zhimin Liu Marco Bartulihe Maren Mahoney Moises Andre Nisenbaum
Olivia Braga Sergey Lisitsin Francesco Molino  



Community Manager

Hearty congratulations, extremely well deserved !!!

Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge, it has been amazing to collaborate with you in the Spanish, Portuguese and Global events Karina Astudillo, Maren Mahoney, David Penaloza Seijas, Julio Moisa, Luis Cordova, Daniel Dib, Horacio Benedicto, Francesco Molino, Gabriel Florencio Alves and Dr. Moises Andre Nisenbaum 


I look forward for upcoming opportunities, may you have a wonderful 2021.

thank you, gracias, obrigado!

Thanks to you, Hilda! Without your welcoming attitude this would not be as big as it is. You are part of that dream team!


I am honored to be in such company, and happy, as always, to contribute with the community. We all make it a better, richer and nicer place. Thanks for all what you do!

Muchas gracias a Cisco por este premio !

es un honor muy grande pertenecer a esta comunidad. Poder aprender, compartir y enseñar, siempre con pasión !

Felicitaciones a los otros colegas que han recibido también la distinción !!!


Gus Leon

Congratulations to all the Cisco Community Events Top Contributors 2021 Winners!   Great achievement.  Well deserved recognition!  Keep up the great work you all do within the community.




Well done congrats!



Maren Mahoney

Thank you, Monica! It was a pleasure to contribute and I look forward to more sessions this year. You and your staff make it fun and easy to give these sorts of presentations.

Thank you so much Cisco !
It's a pleasure to be one of the Events Top Contributors in my local Comunidade da Cisco em Português and in the global Cisco Community.
I'm so thankful to representing Brazil in this ranking with valuable professionals in my country like Moisés André Nisenbaum , Olivia Braga, Jaderson de Oliveira Pessoa , Jonas Fraga and Marco Bartulihe.

Community Manager

Dear David

what can I say? thanks for your kind words and also for your amazing and inspiring attitude, that what drives us as well (Another well deserved award!) I send you a huge huge!


Estimado Horacio

Es muy grato poder reconocer el esfuerzo y las buenas cosas, gracias por todo el tiempo y la experiencia que has compartido con la comunidad ¡Es y siempre será un placer el colaborar contigo!




Rising star