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December 2020 Spotlight Award Winners

Community Manager

What a great way to finish 2020 and start 2021! Cisco Community's Spotlight Awards recognize members who provide significant contributions, and demonstrate outstanding leadership and commitment to their peers in the community.

Congratulations to all December's Spotlight Awardee Winners. You can see the badges in the winner's profiles as well as at the content level and you will be able to see it at the left of your name during the month of November.

We are very happy to see the difference you all make in the community. 

A big Thank You to all individuals who help make our communities the premier online destination for Cisco enthusiasts. 

To learn more about how to become a spotlight awardee, please visit our FAQ. Be the next to be recognized!

English Community Questions Answered, December 2020
Nithin Eluvathingal
2020 December
English Community Member's Choice, December 2020
Tony Smith
2020 December
English Community Best Publication, December 2020
English Community Rookie, December 2020
Amr Ashraf
2020 December
English Community, Developer of the Month, December 2020
English Community CCP Member of the Month, December 2020
Tony Perla
2020 December
English Webex, Community Champion, December 2020
Friedrich Heigl
2020 December
Spanish Community Member's Choice, December 2020
Adalkis Pena Rosario
2020 December
Portuguese Community Rookie, December 2020
Olivia Braga.jpg
Olivia Braga
2020 December
Japanese Community Member's Choice, December 2020
Takeshi Kaimura
2020 December

Congratulations to all of the December Spotlight Award winners!! Great achievement!! 

Keep it up!



Community Manager

Congratulations to all our December winners!  You are the best! And we are proud and humbled that you are part of the community. Thank you for everything you do!

Cisco Employee

Congratulations to all of you, and Thank you for being part of the Cisco Community!! 

Community Manager

It is always a pleasure to notice so many experts involved!

Please continue to share your expertise and knowledge during 2021, and shine.

Congratulations to all the winners...

Can i connect my internet connection in a CISCO switch where we do have already MPLS VPN connection working through a router. Is it possible to make separate vlan and can access internet through those posts?

VIP Collaborator

Congratulations to all of the December Spotlight Award winners!!

Thank you for your contribution to the Cisco Community!! 

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