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Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the new Cisco Community!

Picture it: A simplified experience and step-by-step resources to guide you through your technology adoption.

This experience welcomes new “how-to” guided resources to support you all the way from onboarding through optimization of your Cisco products. It also expands your opportunities to engage with Cisco experts and get even more help from your peers.

Rest assured, the Community will still be your troubleshooting resource, including all the Community forums and articles you rely on.  So, what’s changing?  Along with the new resources, the Community will have a modern look and navigation, making it easier to find what you need, when you need it. Our goal is to make your community experience richer, simpler and more intuitive.

Here’s what we just launched:

Modernized user interface for a cleaner, simpler, more unified navigation that complements

  • Redesigned homepage that’s personalized when you log in
  • Reorganized navigation menu to help you find information faster  
  • Simplified page designs that are more intuitive to use

CR blog announcement 1.PNG

Here’s a peek at what’s coming over the next few weeks:

Ask the Experts (ATX) sessions to bring you more engagement with Cisco experts:

  • Browse upcoming ATX sessions in Community events, featuring in-depth product demos and live Q&A for every stage of your technology adoption
  • Register for ATX sessions and submit questions in advance – all without ever leaving the Community
  • Access ATX recordings and resources shared during sessions whenever you want

Interactive Guided Resources to help you reach your business outcomes faster:

  • The guided journey web pages as you know them are being transformed into the community’s new Guided Resources, featuring how-to content and adoption guidance that’s personalized and use case-specific
  • Customization features let you track and save your progress through each use-case step directly in a Guided Resource
  • Discussion forums for community-based advice across the product lifecycle

CR blog announcement 2.PNG

The Cisco Community is team thrilled to bring you these expanded resources and expert contributions, making the community even more valuable for you.

Let me know what you think about the new experience.  Stay tuned for updates as the new functionality rolls out! 

VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

Today a discussion on Wireless got blocked by admins after a reply from the original poster (they blocked the entire discussion).  The reason they gave was "IPv4 & IPv6 Addresses are present in the discussion (Eg. 10.221.X.X, fe80::14a8:X:X:X etc.)"!!!!  They unblocked the discussion (but still deleted the reply) after I complained and pointed out that the discussion and the reply were perfectly valid.

Newsflash folks - Cisco does networks and it will be quite common to see IPv4 and IPv6 addresses mentioned in posts - you can't go treating every one of those as SPAM without any intelligence or reasoning applied!  So you need to review that policy.

Also - any text in BOLD gets changed to a smaller font and no matter what size you set it to it stays small - looks like a bug.

VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

@rrudling Also - any text in BOLD gets changed to a smaller font and no matter what size you set it to it stays small - looks like a bug.

- Noticed that too.



The search function could use some improvements:

1. Allow the user to restrict the search results to the current community only, or to specify which community [E.g. NSO Developer Discussions, these specific communities 'a, b, or or c' or all Communities] 

2. Update search to include options for all words [e.g. service package]. Incidentally, today if I search for 'service package' enclosing the words in quotes, I seem to have better success. However going back to the previous page, the search has been rewritten to: 

"service package"

3. After entering search terms, say ncs.conf, as I type it, I can see some possible matches. If I don't select a specific one to look at, but hit enter, I'd expect to see a page with all of the results. Very often what I see is a blank page. 

thank you,


Tyler Langston
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @marce1000 - there was a feature release this week that I believe addresses the concerns you outlined last month. 

  1. The title of threads have been made blue to visually distinguish them from the rest of the preview text.
  2. Unread titles are now bolded font, once read the title un-bolds, so you can see at a glance what threads you have viewed previously. Marking posts as unread or read will return a visual distinction now.
  3. At the board level, we've added a 'Last reply by', so you can see the name of the most recent responder. Clicking 'last reply' will immediately take you to the reply in question
  4. We've re-enabled the 'jump to last unread comment in a thread' component. 

@rrudling - there are still some things to work with on your report. When you view a user's profile page it should show you their most recent posts and replies now. We are still working on the display of 'My subscriptions' on the profile page though. 


VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor


@Tyler Langston Thanks for the improvements and comments. Yet the overall new sparse layout decreases our functionality, because of fewer subject lines in a group then before. Let me summary my  argument : a hyperlink is a 'thing' that points to content. Now if you provide that content below partially on the screen too, then you are kind of degrading its functionality. The additional result today is that for instance Mark 'all' as read , has diminished the value of the word all too. I am convinced that I nowadays pay attention to fewer subjects and write fewer responses then before too, when the group overview was packed with subjects. I have seen similar remarks from others. So , if we restore the full glory of the concept 'hyperlink' for summarizing a post , then you will again increase our productivity too (because we can see more Subjects again).  Thanks for listening.


Tyler Langston
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for the input and context on your suggestions @marce1000! While I don't think we'll see a removal of conversation previews, I'll make sure that your opinion on the matter is shared with the right folks.  

VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor


@Tyler Langston >... While I don't think we'll see a removal of conversation previews. That's up for the community developers to decide (indeed). But remember the importance of the current disadvantage of not having a moderate number of Subjects in the group overview , as explained -> It makes us and other contributors less productive.



Thanks @ marce1000 for your VIP observations, it will help the rest of us when they are updated.


Thanks for give understanding.


sounds good

I would like to Thanks Cisco Networking Academy, hopefully it will help me in future..

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