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Get some fresh air and meet the February 2022 Spotlight Awardees!

Jimena Saez
Community Manager

Spring reveals all the new awardees who have joined this burgeoning community!

Becoming a Spotlight winner takes a bit of effort. We want all our members to be able to reveal their strengths and spread their experience among us! To become an awardee, you must demonstrate learning dedication. We are grateful to give some recognition to any member who wishes to prove himself and be useful regardless of latitudes and longitudes. As long as the world is round, we will keep moving forward and evolving together.

Banner_Spotlight_Awards_400x200_february_2022.pngThe Cisco Community recognizes members who spread knowledge and advice. Spotlight Awards' badges will be displayed on their profiles permanently and the icon will appear next to their names for 30 days.

Met previous winners, visit here. How to become an awardee? Discover the program here. Do you have someone in mind? Nominate a candidate for the next month, click here.

English Community Questions Answered, February 2022


Mahmood Jabbar
2022 February
English Community Member's Choice, February 2022


Martin Streule
2022 February
English Community Best Publication, February 2022
English Community Rookie, February 2022


Giovanni Valle
2022 February
English Community, Developer of the Month, February 2022


Johnny Karms Pedersen
2022 February
English Community, Webex Community Champion, February 2022


Igor Lukic
2022 February
Spanish Community Rookie, February 2022


Ivan Garcia Cadillo
2022 February
Portuguese Community Rookie, February 2022
ab70632b-7c42-46ae-b875-b013093510fd (Editado).jpg


Douglas Rozalem
2022 February
French Community Member's Choice, February 2022


Jerome Tissieres
2022 February
Chinese Community Rookie, February 2022


Jie Liu
2022 February
Japanese Community Member's Choice, February 2022
iOS の画像 (11).jpg
Tomoya Watanabe
2022 February
Japanese Community Rookie, February 2022
Takashi Yamamoto
2022 February
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