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Known issues post-launch



There are some known issues that are ongoing post-launch. We'll keep you updated on their status in this post. Please subscribe if you'd like to receive a notice when we make changes.


  1. Video upload issues in Chrome on Windows
    Video uploads need Flash. In order to enable Flash player, the following steps need to be followed  (see this adobe help article):
    Go to the Chrome settings page - chrome://settings/content
    Click the "Flash" tab
    Disable "ask first"
    Close Chrome, then reopen and you should now be able to upload videos

  2. Video files:
    Videos are in the process of being uploaded. If you need to watch a video that does not play yet, please send us an email and provide the link.
    Update: The majority of videos have been uploaded, only ~200 of the total 2k are pending due to known platform issue which will be resolved on Oct 31st. After this issue is resolved, the rest will be uploaded.

  3. Some redirects aren't working
    There are some redirects to communities that aren't working properly and you may get an error. If you use the global navigation (at the top of each page), or the "hamburger" menu hamburger.png you can get to the communities with no problem.
    Update: This is complete.
  4. Cisco Employee Leaderboards:
    We are in the process of implementing the Cisco Employee Leaderboard and it will be available in the near future. Rest assured that all your contributios and votes are stored in the database. 
    Update: This is complete.

  5. Documents Table of Content:
    We are in the process of integrating the Table of Content on the documents that had it. This is in the list of future enhancements.
    Update: This is complete.

  6. Voice Systems Community:
    Content on the SMB Voice Systems Community is not showing.  This is being worked out as top priority. 
    Update: This is complete.

  7. Bookmarks and Follows:
    The team is working on restoring your bookmarks and follows.
    Update: Bookmarks have been restored and user follows are complete.

  8. RSS Feed Subscriptions:
    Currently the RSS Feed link takes users to a broken xml page. We are reviewing the error and will work to fix it as soon as we can.
    Update: This is working as expected; users will need to have an RSS reader plugin installed in order for the feed to work.
  9. Videos Upload: 

    Currently, we are still facing some issue while we upload videos via Chrome and Mozilla. Its inconsistent. Some of the users have reported have it. We have raised a 'Lithium case'.  Lithium team is working on it and they have found that there is an issue in the Application. 

 Update from the CSC Dev team:


  1. Subscriptions:   Post launch, user subscriptions were not migrated. Our development team have figured out a way to migrate all the users exisiting subscriptions. Users might start observing new new subscription notifications in their profile. In, fact these subscriptions are the existing once, which are now getting migrated over to our new system. 

We are working to fix these known issues as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience while we continue to make improvements. Thank you.


Hello Becky,
I would like to continue using the "Georgios Sotiropoulos" (which is active since 2009) instead of "geos"
Please let me know if you need additional information on this.

Thanks in advance,
Thank you, George. We will work on this and get back to you as soon as possible.
Community Manager

Hi Geos,

To use your old account. You need to use this SSOID: Sot****_2 to login.

There is another account with SSOID So****s. Let us know if you want to deactivate this account.


Hello there, it appears that with the new interface my account have been reseted or something like that. At 06-23-2017 I posted the following which now is bind to an anonymous account for some reason and my account seems to be registered after that post at 08-30-2017 which is not true. I am memebr since a few years back and now it is like i have a new account created a few days ago. Can someone assist on that? Thank you very much.

Community Manager

Hello @coopergti Thank you for reporting this. We are looking into this.


Kindest Regards,

Monica Lluis

Community Manager

Community Manager


Rasika Nayanajith
VIP Purple

Hi Becky,

I would suggest you to relook at it based on others feedback.



Sean Vaidya


I think it would work better to have all votes equal the same amount. Employees, especially, Cisco TAC employees SHOULD skew the votes. They are typically more knowledgeable and the 4 more points could make a relevant post stand out more. 

Plus, uniformity is a good thing. 

We have updated the system to be uniform across all users. When you click on Helpful it will give 5 to all.


Thank you for your feedback. 


VIP Mentor

Thank you Monica.

At least one less issue now to worry about.




I think there might be something wrong with the RSS links. When I click on the link in Firefox, I just get the raw XML, rather than Firefox offering to subscribe to it.




Hi @Gordon Ross - thank you for reporting this. We are looking into the issue on RSS feeds.


Hi @Richard Burts @Marvin Rhoads @Reza Sharifi

Thank you for the notes about the spell check. You can toggle it on by clicking the "abc"check button and it will run for you. However, I do understand you're asking for it to be automatically running instead of a toggle. I have put in a ticket for our team to review. In the meantime, though, clicking the button will start the process. It's a workaround compared to what you'd prefer, but we have it on our list.

Hall of Fame Master

"abc" check button is on...


 CSC Spell Check.PNG


buut not working. Note the intentional misspelling of "but".


If I flip to HTML editing mode vs. rich text it shows up as a misspelling with red underline.

Thank you for the additional information, Marvin. What browser / OS are you using? I would like to test it using same so I can confirm to our support. Thank you.



do you plan to release a Windows (UWP) version? Lots of us does have Windows on their PC's, some have Windows on tablet and several have Windows mobile.




Hall of Fame Master

@Becky Scott,


I am using Chrome Version 61.0.3163.79 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 Pro.


I just checked in Firefox (Version 56.0b10) and see the same lack of spell check even with the ABC check ticked (and html view works properly same as in Chrome).



@Marvin Rhoads Thanks for the reply. What I'm seeing in Safari is that it checks *after* you've typed everything. However, I realize that's not the behavior you're expecting. You want it to check as you're typing, correct?

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