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Known issues post-launch



There are some known issues that are ongoing post-launch. We'll keep you updated on their status in this post. Please subscribe if you'd like to receive a notice when we make changes.


  1. Video upload issues in Chrome on Windows
    Video uploads need Flash. In order to enable Flash player, the following steps need to be followed  (see this adobe help article):
    Go to the Chrome settings page - chrome://settings/content
    Click the "Flash" tab
    Disable "ask first"
    Close Chrome, then reopen and you should now be able to upload videos

  2. Video files:
    Videos are in the process of being uploaded. If you need to watch a video that does not play yet, please send us an email and provide the link.
    Update: The majority of videos have been uploaded, only ~200 of the total 2k are pending due to known platform issue which will be resolved on Oct 31st. After this issue is resolved, the rest will be uploaded.

  3. Some redirects aren't working
    There are some redirects to communities that aren't working properly and you may get an error. If you use the global navigation (at the top of each page), or the "hamburger" menu hamburger.png you can get to the communities with no problem.
    Update: This is complete.
  4. Cisco Employee Leaderboards:
    We are in the process of implementing the Cisco Employee Leaderboard and it will be available in the near future. Rest assured that all your contributios and votes are stored in the database. 
    Update: This is complete.

  5. Documents Table of Content:
    We are in the process of integrating the Table of Content on the documents that had it. This is in the list of future enhancements.
    Update: This is complete.

  6. Voice Systems Community:
    Content on the SMB Voice Systems Community is not showing.  This is being worked out as top priority. 
    Update: This is complete.

  7. Bookmarks and Follows:
    The team is working on restoring your bookmarks and follows.
    Update: Bookmarks have been restored and user follows are complete.

  8. RSS Feed Subscriptions:
    Currently the RSS Feed link takes users to a broken xml page. We are reviewing the error and will work to fix it as soon as we can.
    Update: This is working as expected; users will need to have an RSS reader plugin installed in order for the feed to work.
  9. Videos Upload: 

    Currently, we are still facing some issue while we upload videos via Chrome and Mozilla. Its inconsistent. Some of the users have reported have it. We have raised a 'Lithium case'.  Lithium team is working on it and they have found that there is an issue in the Application. 

 Update from the CSC Dev team:


  1. Subscriptions:   Post launch, user subscriptions were not migrated. Our development team have figured out a way to migrate all the users exisiting subscriptions. Users might start observing new new subscription notifications in their profile. In, fact these subscriptions are the existing once, which are now getting migrated over to our new system. 

We are working to fix these known issues as soon as possible and we appreciate your patience while we continue to make improvements. Thank you.


Hall of Fame Master

@Becky Scott,


Yes - I would expect it to spell check incrementally just as it does in most other web forms and programs such a Microsoft Word.


As I noted, it does so in the HTML editor tab, just not in the Rich Text tab.


@Marvin Rhoads Thank you for the additional information. I'm updating the ticket to include this. Appreciate the response. I will update when I have more information.

VIP Expert

In addition to the spell check issue, do you know why I have to sign in to the site every day to be able to post?

In the past, I logged in once and it was good for months.




@Monica Lluis

Hello, do we have any update concerning my issue? Thank you!

Community Manager


Seems like your account for some reason was not migrated so when you logged back in, you look like a new user. The dev. team is still looking into it. Apologies for the delay.


For DEV team: MIG-908.




Hi Cisco Team


    I just need your help or feedback regarding this error on sprom of PS 08 revision  the UUT is N2K-C2248TP-1GE,but for the 07 resion we dont encounter this issue, 


Program FEXT SPROM with the above information (y/n) [n]? y
SUP1:TAHOE> sprom show ps 1
Error: sprom read failed, -1

while evaluating {sprom show ps 1}
SUP1:TAHOE> sprom show ps 1
Error: sprom read failed, -1




Community Manager

Thank you for your post in the community. In order to get proper help with your issue, we can posted your question at

This Known Issues blogs are to provide information about the issues regarding the recent Cisco Support Community migration. If you have other technical questoins with Cisco products and technologies, we invite you to kinldy post your question in the corresponding technical community. This will give much higher opportunity to get an answer.

Thank you.

Monica Lluis

Community Mgr.

VIP Mentor


quite frequently, users have questions about Packet Tracer labs and scenarios, however, it is not possible to upload .pkt files (which would be the easiest and fastest way to troubleshoot). 

Can this functionality be added ?


not able to install the proximity app on my laptop whiich is having 32 bits os,

please suggest .....


hi friend ,


i have run tdr test in the cisco switch 2960 switch. it showing pair c and d is shot.i need your suggestion  whether i need to change cable or not





tri-SW2#show cable-diagnostics tdr i
tri-SW2#show cable-diagnostics tdr interface gi0/13
TDR test last run on: May 20 22:40:02

Interface Speed Local pair Pair length Remote pair Pair st
--------- ----- ---------- ------------------ ----------- -------
Gi0/13 100M Pair A 17 +/- 0 meters N/A Normal
Pair B 17 +/- 0 meters N/A Normal
Pair C 18 +/- 1 meters N/A Short
Pair D 17 +/- 1 meters N/A Short

Hall of Fame Master

I posted a response in this discussion. I then received an Email telling me that my response had been marked as helpful. But when I look through the discussion my response shows as 0 helpful. That is confusing.






Hi Rick - we can check on this, but it's possible that someone marked it helpful and then unmarked it. However, since the thread has NO helpfuls whatsoever, sounds like we need to look into it. @Richard Burts


How do i post my query in forum ? can i have direct link to post my queries.

Community Manager


To post a question, you need to login and go to the forums you need to post, for example if this is a VPN question, you would do the following:



I hope it helps. 




I want to discuss about the Cisco UCS, Can i have the direct link?

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