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Jimena Saez
Community Manager
Community Manager

According to Roman mythology, September is a fiery month associated with a Vulcan god ... Last month Cisco Community lit up and shuddered in celebrating the first Million Members!

This milestone could not have been achieved without the effort of our most active collaborators. Their valuable contributions, and the dedication they show every day, make them stand out as the enlightened members of the community. The Spotlight Award winners celebrated below have added tremendous value in this very special month. Congratulations! As always, badges will be displayed on each winner's profile for 30 days.

We want Cisco Community to continue growing and all the outstanding members to help spread the collaborative culture. This makes our community stand out as THE gathering place for Cisco IT experts.


We have all asked for help at times. Help us recognize members who give the best of themselves. If someone has been exceptionally supportive, send us a nomination, so he/she receives a Spotlight Award next month! Nominate here.

English Community Questions Answered, September 2021
Kasun Bandara
2021 September
English Community Member's Choice, September 2021
Maren Mahoney
2021 September
English Community Best Publication, September 2021
English Community Rookie, September 2021
2021 September
English Community, Developer of the Month, September 2021
Laurens Peschko
2021 September
English Community CCP Member of the Month, September 2021
Christoph Maus
2021 September
Spanish Community Rookie, September 2021
2021 September
Russian Community Rookie, September 2021
Arsen Liliyev
2021 September
Portuguese Community Member's Choice, September 2021
Thiago Passos
2021 September
French Community Rookie, September 2021
François Vivet
2021 September
Japanese Community Questions Asked, September 2021
Hitoshi Yamada
2021 September
Chinese Community Member's Choice, September 2021
Yilin Chen
2021 September
Chinese Community Rookie, September 2021
Wang Zhifu
2021 September
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