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New Cisco Community Recognition - Rankings, Badges and Awards

Monica Lluis
Community Manager


Welcome to Cisco Community.  

There are few changes in rankings and badges.


Top Contributors Awards


The Cisco Community Top Contributors Awards continue to be the most relevant and meaningful in the Community. We have the Hall of Fame, Cisco Designated VIP, Spotlight and Event Top Contributors. These awards are given to the members that have demonstrated significant impact on the community. You can see who is being recognized by clicking in each of the corresponding sections of the Members & Recognition page.





You can also see which awards a community member has obtained by going to their profile. There are community members that have been Cisco Designated VIPs for several years, or have obtained multiple Community Spotlight awards. The profile shows only one icon for each award type along with a number indicating the number of awards they have gotten.





The new Cisco Community Rankings are similar to the Cisco Support Community rankings in that the level of effort to attain the top 12 levels is comparable to what it was before. The top 12 levels are also similar to the levels on Cisco Communities. To better encourage new community members, we added four entry levels rankings. The ranking levels have new icons that better represent visually where you are at. The rankings are shown across the site where the community members contribute. They appear in the member's profiles, the board pages as well as at the pieces of content (discussions, documents, videos, blogs, and events.)


Here is the new list of rankings with the highest level at the beginning of the list.





 The badges are an important part of community member's journey and they show in the member's profiles as well as the hover over cards.  In addition to the Hall of Fame and Cisco Designated VIP badges, now there is a new set of badges that shows progress. 



Frequently Asked Questions from Cisco Communities


Q: Will I keep my Cisco Communities points, badges and levels in the new consolidated community?

A: Yes and no. Since Cisco Communities is changing platforms we have to adopt an entirely new ranking and points system. Our goal is to make sure your current rank level is transferred over to the new consolidated community. There are many differences between the current Cisco Communities ranking system and the new consolidated community which makes a 100% transfer of ranks, points and badges not technically possible. Yes, you will have a comparable rank and badges, but these will be entirely new rank names, levels, icons and badges.


Q: How will the ranking points be different in the consolidated community?

A: We are consolidating onto a new platform. Unlike the current Cisco Communities platform, the new platform does not use the concept of points. In the new consolidated community, there will be no points displayed. Community members will be able to see their rank, the number of Kudos received and the number of Accepted Solutions they have provided. We will have public leaderboards and all community members will and be able to compete against each other on the leaderboards. The default leaderboard settings will display who had the most activity within the last month. Using a month timeline as default will allow all community members the opportunity to see their name on the leaderboard. Cisco employees will not appear on the leaderboards.


Q: How are the new ranks different considering there are no more points to earn?

A: We will be going from 12 to 16 ranks. Community members will be able to rank up by performing actions within the community such as giving Kudos, posting new discussion threads, etc. To reach the highest ranks you will need to receive Kudos and have your discussion thread marked as an Accepted Solution. In the current Cisco Communities platform, the actions needed to rank up are very open and transparent. In the new consolidated community platform, the ranking formula is hidden behind a cloud of secrecy. The new platform does not allow users to see what actions they need to perform to rank up. We can however tell you if you want to rank up quickly, make sure you provide valuable answers that get Kudos and also marked as Accepted Solutions.


Q: Will I keep my old badges?

A: No, you will be getting new badges. The overall number and type of badges is getting reduced. You will get new badges based on actions you performed in the Cisco Community. Going forward after that, you will earn badges by completing these same actions in the new consolidated community.


I think the new ranking system is absolute baloney. I don't know exactly what one needs to do to move off the rank of "Beginner", (and it seems that is now secretly guared information) but I use these rankings to assist me when I am answering someone's question.  If they are a "beginner" I might give an answer that might seem condacending to a more experienced forrum user.  But when I see that some users classed as "beginners", and then look at their profile to find they have contributed 117 times over 12 years, had 34 accepted solutions and 275 helpful votes and yet are considered a "beginner" I fail to see how the ranking system conveys much meaning at all!



what is CCP?


CCP is the Customer Connection Program ---