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Upcoming Changes in the email address of Cisco Community email notifications

Monica Lluis
Community Manager



As the community keeps evolving, we are constantly improving some of the functionality.

Starting on Monday June 29, the new email address from which you receive email notifications from Cisco Community will be This is a change from the email address that we have been using.


Why we are making this change?

Some of you have provided feedback that emails coming from are identified as ( which isn’t in’s SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record. As a result, customer companies were quarantining both soft and hard fail SPFs. To remedy this issue and ensure you receive the emails for the subscriptions on the community, we have added in our internal SPF  records that authenticates domain. With this change, you will get authenticated no reply emails directly from an authenticated source rather than


When will this change will happen?

This change will take place on Monday June 29th.

How this affects me?

If you have created filters in the your e-mail client (such as outlook), the filters will no longer work.

What should I do?

You can create a new email filter that uses the new email address

Will this email change affect my community subscriptions?

No, you will continue to be subscribed to the same content, boards and categories that you are currently subscribed to.

Will the community web notifications be affected?

No, the Community Web notifications will not be affected by this change.





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