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Welcome to Cisco Community

Community Manager



Welcome to Cisco Community!


In this updated community, we have a:

  • Streamlined community experience
  • Combined peer network, including additional Cisco participation
  • Restructured communities to more easily find the content you need
  • More robust Rewards and Recognition strategy with new rankings and badges that benefits a larger group of members in the Community
  • Interactive Community Help that guides through the basics of the community
  • Refreshed Community "Terms of Use" that member will need to accept when login for the first time in the new Community


Here’s a sneak peek at what Cisco Community will look like:







While Cisco Community will have a new name and an updated look from Cisco Support Community, you will continue to have the same functionality you’ve been enjoying on the platform.


Questions? Review our FAQs or contact the Cisco Community by sending your feedback here

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I am looking to connect with Cisco Voip administrators. I work for a insurance company and we used to be a Siemens shop, but we have been migrating our branches to Cisco. At the HO we still have a Siemens TDM HiPath 4000 PBX, but looking to go IP. We have had some reliability issues with our branches and most of the issues have been resolved by telco, but we have never had so much issues in the past when we were operating on a digital TDM system. I am wanting to get connected with a community of people that are running on a stable and reliable IP platform. Currently, I have reservations with migrating to VOIP at the HO and would like to hear from other people that are having great success in the VOIP realm. I used to belong to a Siemens user group called JUST-US, Joint Users of Siemens Technology - US, and found it very helpful and would like to get connected with a Cisco user group. Is this an active community and good resource to participate in? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

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