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Welcome to the New and Restructured Security Community

Monica Lluis
Community Manager


You've have spoken: we have heard you!  We have great news!

We have restructured the Security category by moving and relabeling content, as well as combining some discussion boards. Our intention was to streamline the navigation to make it more logical and to help you find resources and answers more efficiently.
We have worked with Cisco's BUs to put the plan together. In a nutshell, we combined the 4 boards that have discussions related to Firewalls, FirePOWER, IPS-IDS and Security Management into one board called Network Security. The ISE and Policy and Access boards became one board called Network Access Control. Finally, the Advanced Threats board was renamed to Endpoint Security, and the board VPN and AnyConnect will simply is now called VPN .

Below is a visual of the mapping of the boards:


We thank you all for your patience while this restructure was taking place. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us at

Thank you for those who provided feedback, like Marvin Rhoads, Neno Spasov and many others - we greatly appreciate it!. Also, thank you for your patience while we enhance the Security community experience for all of you!

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