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Activate Your Smart Licenses

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With Smart Licenses you can easily view and manage your Cisco licenses. For your Next-Generation Firewall, below are the three licenses available – and what each one of these licenses can unlock:




  • With the Threat License, you have access to Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS), which combines superior visibility with embedded security intelligence, and automated analysis. With NGIPS, you can see and correlate extensive amounts of event data within your Next-Generation Firewall management console.
  • By activating your Threat license, you’ll be able to detect and prevent intrusions and exploits, optionally drop offending packets, and block users from uploading or sending/receiving files of specific types.


URL Filtering:


  • The URL filtering license enables you to enforce policies on millions of URLs in more than 80 categories. You can restrict access to high risk or objectionable websites and reduce your overall attack surface.
  • By activating your URL filtering license, you’ll be able to automatically gain control over suspect web traffic.




  • Discover, track, contain, and block the progression of network-based advanced malware, zero-day attacks, and persistent threats. The Malware license helps you find hidden malware in your environment with Advanced Malware Protection and get advanced threat intelligence along with static and dynamic malware analysis with Threat Grid.
  • By activating your Malware license, you’ll be able to stop malicious files from compromising your network.


To learn more about these Smart Licenses that are available with your Next-Generation Firewall, and how to get started on activating them, check out the Next-Generation Firewall Resource Center.

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