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SRC MAC of the MC frame flooded on specific VLAN


This post is not required to be either answered or investigated... but arbitrary reader may find artifact described here if not funny then curious (someone even can find here similarity with Heisenberg's uncertainty principle :0
ok. goto subject. recently i've been hunting for the MC flows sourced from different VLAN in different VRF in one of our customer network. The goal was to ensure the MC arrives to the another one VLAN in another one VRF populated by receivers of corresponding G. with C9K access-switch it became easy to catch corresponding flows flooded to the target VLAN from the distry C6K. target VLAN tag was in place & it seemed to me like "job is done!" until i've decided in addition to make SRC MAC (expected to be MAC of corresponding SVI on the C6K) to unique just for better evidence (one could remember that C6K sources originates frame on all attached VLANs with single MAC :0). aha! the result made my day... so, i've configured on the target SVI unique MAC & repeated the capturing & ...
yes, my insightful reader, it didnt change the SRC MAC in no way.

that's all folks. live with it now as u want.