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Leo Laohoo
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Cisco Cafe - now open for business

Right-o.  Here are the Club rules:

1.  Welcome mat is outside the door and it reads, "Leave your pride outside".
2.  No work-related stuffs here.  Whinging is acceptable.
3.  No religious topic/debate.
4.  No political topic/debate.
5.  No harassing and definitely no "below-da-belt" stuff.
6.  Jokes are welcome.  Just be sensible and have a good sense of humour.
7.  English language (`nuff said!) or provide translations.
8.  Aussie slangs and jargons exempted.  He he he ...
9.  Invites to your birthday party very much welcome, and a big thank you!
10.  Remember the explitive-filter-engine.  You've been warned.
11.  Giving points is optional ... it’s all up to you. 
12.  HAVE FUN!

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Hey Paolo, you know the (topical) joke with the chemist, the mathematician and the engineer?

They all see a girl and they all like her.

The chemist analyzes the conditions, decides that the chemistry is not ideal and walks out.

The mathematician takes into consideration all the parameters of the situation, comes up with a function, calculates the limit of the function as the parameters approach infinity, decides that the limit does not converge, so in the end he also walks out.

The engineer takes a quick look at the situation, understands that there might be some difficulties, decides that they can probably be ignored, so he comes up with a way to approach the girl, asks her out and they walk away together.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Nice joke!  +5

Hey Leo, it's an old joke about the essence of engineering. In many cases it means finding quick, approximate and effective ways to attack problems (even if this just means doing the obvious) instead of looking to find a perfect solution (that might not even exist). I heard it 14 years ago, in my first year in EE and it was very popular in a campus full of engineering schools. If we have any mathematicians around here, I just hope they don't mind too much! I mentioned Paolo previously because in a recent discussion he advocated practical networking and, at some point, the discussion caused me to remember this joke.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Right-o.  The company can't comprehend why we couldn't get the network up after heavy rain.  Can anyone figure this out?

WOW.....that is a hard one to figure out!

That is just like this call I got from one of the field engineers I use to work with about some "Suspected Water Dammage" on a router.  I asked him, how do you know there is suspected water dammage on it?  He told me that there is water dripping into and out of the router, due to a hole in the roof in the computer room.  I laughed and we replaced it, but then they drapped a tarp over the equipment because they couldn't afford to have the roof repaired.  LOL!  The client couldn't understand why we made them to pay for the second and third replacements for the same issue.

Trust me when I say that most of us do understand and are floored when it is not obvious to the "powers that be" what the issue is!

Nice shot of this.  Love it and +5 for you!!!


Thanks and Cheers! Kimberly Please remember to rate helpful posts.

Someone emailed me the photos and we all laughed.  Looks like a 4500 to me.  What do you think?

This only proves the durability of the Cisco design.

Thanks for the ratings.


Didn't you know we also make boat motors.  Looks like the exhaust from a boat engine to me



Cheers, Dan

Hey Dan,

Thanks for the thumbs up.

Let me know if Cisco starts making wired/wireless a/c unit and I'll make a business case for it!

He he he ...

That was a good one Leo! I also learned what the word "durability" means!

Well, looks like cisco devices can swim when not rack mounted.

Other vendors' equipment can fly...
when thrown out of the window...

he he he... (Leo's trademark infringement).

Dan, I prefer to buy things from a single store.

So, can cisco also make a lip-gloss or makeup?

Stay away from the pizza production business though.

Unless you hire me as a Pizza Test Engineer.

That would be part of some R&D department, right?
I hope I won't have to write many tcl/perl scripts.

p.s. Kimberly, it's good to see you around!

Hey Dan,

Can I request if you send this picture to the 4500 BU and/or designers as a testament to the "endurance" and "durability"?

I can see the client calling up TAC and requesting for an RMA.

TAC:  Thank you for calling Cisco TAC.  My name is Leo and how can I help you?

Client:  I have a 4500 chassis and I'd like to RMA the propellers?

TAC:  Propellers sir?  You mean the "fan tray" sir?

Client:  Let me explain.  We have a data cabinet.  It doesn't have aircon and it gets really, really hot.  We decided to use "alternative" methods of cooling and we found out that the propellers only function half way.

TAC:  What do you mean "half way"?

Client:   Our method of cooling the equipment is to gradually fill up the room with water, y'know.  We've tested this and the switches seem to work when the water is half way down.  But when we raise the water level up to the top, the propellers (or fan tray as you would like to call them) just fizzles and die.  Hello?  Hello?  You still there ... ?

Backgound noise of the operator banging his head repeatedly against something.

Reason for RMA:  The propellers only work "half way".  Pictures attached. 

Dan, don't listen to Leo making fun of the poor client. 'Cause I know for a fact Leo himself uses cisco devices to produce cars and then sells them in the black market to unsuspicious individuals (until caught). If you don't believe me, please have a look at the last post in this thread:

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Cause I know for a fact Leo himself uses cisco devices to produce cars and then sells them in the black market to unsuspicious individuals

Correction.  It should be "gullible".  He he he ...

(until caught).

The gullible clients still haven't made any complaints.  The products work after my "sister company" sold them the power supply and "propellers".  Another of my "company" will be approaching them to sell 10km power cable to power up the power supplies.

PS:  The local municipal police wants to buy too.

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hey Leo,

Just to jump in (no pun intended) with Kimberly and Dan ("The Man") +5 each and a big 5

for this awesome photo

I can't really see why this would not work.....after all ......what's a little water... hahahahaha!!

I thought I might add a similar story ..... one day a few years back I got a panicked

call that the main switchboard Console for the Campus was not working. People were

upset, IT was not doing their job, equipment was know the common be-atching!

So, I run down to the area where these people work........the director and manager are glaring

at me when I get's like we're running NASA not a University switchboard. I had brought

a new replacement Console with me and quickly changed them over. Once the two bosses

were satisfied and had taken off I finally got a chance to speak to the Operator and she said

she knew exactly why the Console was no longer working. At about the exact same time I picked it

up to move I tipped it on it's side a large amount of brownish liquid started to spill out. She

looked at me and I looked at her and we both started laughing She told me that she had

accidentally spilled a whole cup of Cappuccino on the Console. She was distraught to say the least

as these Console's are worth about 2k US. I never told anyone about this "fact" and have kept this secret

between us. I made a good friend that day!

She keeps her Cappuccino away from all machines now



Hey Rob, good story and +5 for it.  Maria it is good to virtually see you also and +5 for your CPTE (Cisco Pizza Test Engineer) cert!

Now one thing that always strikes me as strange is, I use to work in the High Tech Electronic Manufacturing.  When circuit boards are cleaned, they use water and various liquids to clean the flux/solder residue off the board and components.

So, why are liquids so bad for them now?  LOL 


Thanks and Cheers! Kimberly Please remember to rate helpful posts.

Hi Rob,

Your story made me go 10 years back. You'll see why in the end.

The EE school I attended was a 5-year school and at the last semesters we had many elective courses. In the 9th semester (the last one with courses) another student approaches me and my friend and asks: "You are taking this Network Management course, aren't you?". I said: "No. Why should we?". I wasn't very convinced, but had nothing to lose, so I signed in. I didn't attend the first couple of lectures, but at some point I had to decide which courses to take and which to drop, so I went to the one lecture that changed my life. It was about networking and SNMP and other related stuff. There I heard about cisco for the first time. (Note: They failed to tell us anything about NX-OS though ). In the first lab of that course I did my first traceroute. I still remember the feeling (better than my first kiss ). In the final exam, the professor had us write a MIB in ASN.1 notation for a coffee machine. That coffee machine could make various types of coffee, including cappuccino!

So, if cisco decides to go to the coffee machine business (many of us already have cisco coffee mugs and thermos), I can give cisco a MIB file (and perhaps pass it through a MIB compiler to generate some initial C++ code) to help manage the device via SNMP. Maybe we can write an RFC (Request for Comments) about that. Really interested to read those comments!

Kind Regards,


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