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New learner in Mobile, AL

I completed my CCNA in November 2019 and am now starting to try to learn Cisco VoIP or SIP.  I have bought the Official Cisco CCNA Voice Lab Manual and the textbook, CCID.  Both are from 2013 as I have been unable to find anything more recent.  And I realize in eight years, a lot has changed . . . .

Still, I was able to complete Lab 3.  However Lab 4 is the introduction to the Cisco Configuration Professional - which I was able to locate and download.  That didn't do me much good as it requires Adobe flash which has been discontinued  . . . .

To learn this technology, I bought off of Ebay a "VoIP lab" which is a Cisco 2911 router and three switches that have PoE.  I have the router set up with three VLANS (Data, Phone and Management) and a DHCP server.  I am able to get an IP address on the phone and a workstation.  I can telnet to the three subinterfaces.

And that is as far as I have gotten.

I work as a printer / desktop / laptop field service tech so I service businesses that use VoIP or SIP phones - almost exclusively Cisco.

So my first question is where can I get 'real' on-line training as there is no on site location in Mobile and even if there was, it would likely be during the day . . .

My second question is what management programs / software do these businesses use to manage their SIP phones?

My last question is do businesses have in-house personnel or use outside vendors?  One large bank we service uses Black Box (I think).


Thank you for your time,

David Adams

Mobile, AL

Community Manager

Hi, There is a community dedicated to Cisco Learning. You can ask your Cisco Learning related questions at

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