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Share screen from Mac to TV's Airplay on multiple VLAN

Hi Experts,


I'm just a newbie here, just want to get some idea or answers on issue we are having now.


We have multiple AP's and VLAN's on our local network. Our office bought 3 TV's with Airplay functions. These TV's will be use for meeting rooms. We have assigned static IP 192.168.x.x for each TV. Macbook users are able to connect using airplay to the TV, but once they switch to the another TV, the problem occured. Their computer will still connect to the first TV that they have previously connected even they selected the other TV from the airplay device selection. In short, they cannot switch to other TV once they started to connect on one of the 3 TV. Our work around for now is to off/on the TV and their computer WIFi connection for them to connect to another TV. 


Our Network Setup:

Cisco Catalyst 3750x/2960s Switches
Cisco 2504 WLAN Controller (ver 7.5.102)
Cisco 1602E AP's
Multiple VLAN's (VLAN1, VLAN2, VLAN3) - VLAN1 and VLAN2 has no restriction, allowed to access all. only VLAN 3 is restricted for guest which is limited to internet access only.
Both TV's and user's PC are wirelessly connected on the same VLAN and SSID.


Thanks in advance.

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