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The Upcoming Spring 2021 Login Changes

Here's some questions I have about the upcoming spring 2021 changes to logging in where we won't be able to log in with our CCO ID anymore:


What happens to my certifications that are tied to the account if I change companies and need to use a new email address? In the past, it was not recommended to me to setup a CCO ID with my personal email for the certifications.


Similarly, my company is in the process of changing email domains due to rebranding and my current account is associated with our old email domain. What happens after the login changes in spring? It took MONTHS to get my access for everything our company has straightened out. Will I have to go through the same mess all over again on a new account just so I can have the email changed to the new domain?


This page was pretty clear that we can't change email addresses after the login change and suggests making a new one if we need to change emails:


Yet, the profile page currently recommends we use a work email instead of our personal email so I am a bit concerned about the upcoming mess I'm going to have to go through here. I can't find any answers online about this when I search so sorry I missed it if it was answered somewhere.

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You're posting this in the UC area, don't think this is the right forum for that.



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Thanks, but I don't recall asking this here. I meant to ask it in a cafe forum somewhere else...

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