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Hi We have provisioned some of our existing wlc`s into DNA. And have had some problems around our voice setup. Our existing WLAN setup had CCKM enabled for old 7925 cisco iphones. However the CCKM option is nowhere to be found in DNA, so in order to ...

Jostein by Level 1
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Hi folks,regarding border nodes types, as per my understanding Internal border: routes are redistributed from VRF routing table to correspondig LISP instanceExternal border: no routes are redistributed from VRF routing table to LISP instances at all....

AirBorn by Level 1
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Hello everyone,,Cisco Digital Network Architecture FAQI think I may have a use-case where bringing Meraki and Cisco switches under the same pane is a good idea. I know they talk about Meraki in the DNA data sheets but it's not quite clearly stated if...

Moosewala by Level 1
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Hello everyone,, My company will be moving towards Cisco DNA in the future and they wanted me to do my homework as to what training I will need. Could anyone recommend a company that does training or a specific course? I've been looking up youtube vi...

Sylus by Level 1
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Sharing another pxgrid issue in case others encounter the same thing.  The cluster recently upgraded to, and we were unable to exchange CTS/GBAC data from ISE (main driver) into DNAC even though the pxgrid subscribers in ISE were both 'ON' an...


Hello experts, I have a doubt concerning C9800 in SSO and in the documentation this is not clear.Do we have to set redundancy IP's in the same subnet as management interface like on standard WLC's (5520 and so on) ? Or can I set a /30 point-to-point ...

When applying a LAG between two Cisco switches and also between another vender router and switches, I understand that certain settings must match, for example with LACP one or both sides must be set to active, trunk settings, duplex and speed must ma...