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Hello,I bought cisco 9200 switch ( withe licence advantage an essentails , and with the DNA licence) , put in production. I don't use DNA Center ( fo now), but if I haven't declared my switches on CSSM, for example I can't download IOS updates etc......

abtt-39 by Level 1
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I think the whole DNA thing is BS and a way for Cisco to make more MRR. I saw some opt-out sku's for the 3800 series. Looks like they don't work in ccw though. Is there any way to opt out? (specifically for the Cat 9k line) I work at an MSP where a l...

Hello Everyone,Any one has a solution Pre/Post during switches Upgrade to clean up unnecessary package to free the space in flash memory. this is require to clean flash space in most 9k IOS-XE duo to the flash limitation. currently i do this step man...

Murad211 by Level 1
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Hello All,We are updating our 9400s switches to the latest versions of cisco recommend code. How long in total it is taking for you guys to complete the process using "DNAC". I'm talking about all the way through where it will remove the inactive fil...

SyedTUDI by Level 1
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Hello Everyone,I'm trying to update a switch image using DNA Center's PnP functionnality.I get the following error :NCOB04023: Failed to install image on the device. (PnP Service Error 1826. Switch is not in installed mode. Abort.)Does anyone know ho...

pholos by Level 1
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Hello Everyone,I'm new to DNAC and I was wondering if it was possible to use the DNAC API to import a template.I have a tool that generates configuration files (txt format with no variables) and I'd like to maybe add a button that would send the conf...

pholos by Level 1
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