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DNA-C listing disconnected / offline hosts as Connected

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Level 1

We have discovered an issue with our DNA-C as it appears to have "ghost" hosts showing as connected but they are no longer connected to the network. Even if the port the ghost host are associated with goes down, the incorrect host stays in the database, whereas anything else that was connected is removed fairly quickly. Has anyone else experienced this? is there any way to  delete or remove the erroneous hosts?

For reference I discovered this via the API (api/v1/host) call as we plan to move from host-mode multi-auth to host-mode multi-domain and wanted to find ports that has multiple data hosts connected. A number of ports had hosts that had not been updated in a while, and when checking the hosts within DNAC Dashboard they were listed as "Connected" when they clearly were not.

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Dilip Thakur
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


As of today, it is not possible to delete a user entry from DNAC. However, I would suggest you to open a TAC case and get this looked into as to why the disconnected hosts are still showing up as connected

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