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DNAC without smtp server

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I don't have email server and smtp server, without this email server how could I configure the mail in the DNAC for alert purpose. could I use public email server instead of private.

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yes you can configure any Public email Server as long as DNAC can reach that server and authenticate that should work.


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I tried with Gmail smtp server and port number in DNAC but still it's not working.

Have you been able to use your gmail smtp successfully from anything else in your network? Could be blocked by firewall or something.

YES Gmail is working in my network.

Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee
  • What is Release Version of the Cisco Catalyst Center?
  • What SMTP Server or Email Provider?
  • What SMTP Port is did you configure (25, 465, or 587)?

Without the above information, the answer to your question would be "It Depends..."
The email configuration under the "Destinations" settings has had different behaviors depending on the Release.

  • In earlier releases, the UI presented the Username & Password parameters for the SMTP email configuration, but they were not used. As a result we removed those fields from the UI.
  • In the latest releases up to 2.3.5.x, we still do not support Username & Password parameters.
  • In the latest releases up to 2.3.5.x, we also did not support SSL/TLS for SMTP which was required for GMAIL support.
  • In the latest release of, we added the username and password support to the SMTP Server configuration. In addition, you can use different connection Types and Ports. For Example, (Default/25),(SSL/465), and (TLS/587)

With this information, you can assess if your Catalyst Center can support the configuration to communicate to the GMAIL Servers.


Thanks for your response I will update my DNAC to