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Failed to add a Switch to a Farbic Site as a contol plane

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Hey, everyone.

I'm trying to set a SD-ACCESS envionment follow this document.

However I meet this error while set a L3 switch as a control plane.

Failed to add device to the Fabric Site/Zone. Please configure Loopback0 interface with an IP address.

I checked the switch, it has SSH, SNMPV2 read and write configuration. And it use OSPF.

It will be a great pleasure if anyone can tell me how to solove it.

Thank you so much.

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Does the switch have a Loopback0 interface with a /32 IP address assigned? If not you will have to configure it.

Happy to help! Please mark as helpful/solution if applicable.
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Thank you for your reply.

Yeah, I noticed this, and set a /32 IP to the Loopback0 interface. And set it to my ospf x area x network.
The loopback 0 address can be pinged from DNA Center.

And it also failed, show the same error message......

To be honest I'm not across the ins and outs of Lo0 rules in Catalyst Center / DNA Center. Two things come to mind that you could try in order:

1. After adding Lo0 to the device, did you resynch it in Catalyst Center inventory? If you make a config change on a device then CC will only know about that change after the next resynch which is run periodically to a schedule, or manually triggered in the Inventory screen.

2. In my Catalyst Center I manage the switching devices by their Lo0 /32 IP address. In  Inventory you could edit the device to be managed by its Lo0 IP address, resynch the device, and then try to provision the device into an SD-Access Fabric.