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Have I Finally Found My Tribe???

Hello, I hope I am in the right place. I am new to networking, and I've been looking for this community for a week after hearing about it on the Cisco Podcast. Can someone help me understand logical vs physical addressing?  I am currently taking the free networking course through netcad, I've also been studying for the Network+ exam. But I got stuck on this concept. 


Hierarchical Network Design Question:


In a frame, the destination mac & source mac never changes. I understand the Mac address (physical) to be the one burned into the NIC card. From what I understand, the devices physical address is enough to send a message as long as it's on the same network. 


Now., to send this message outside the network, we switch from Mac addressing to logical addressing correct? This is where I get confused. Is there now  a new physical address used? My notes say that the ethernet MAC address(now it's called the physical address) will change as the message goes from one network to another.  Now the logical address is represented by Letters and the physical address is represented by numbers? Is this because of the change from L2 (packets) to L3(network)? I guess, what I'm asking is that if a message is on the same network it's sent as a packet using L2,but once we need to send that message outside the local network, the message uses an ethernet Mac address and an IP address to move that message to the router. 


The router also has a physical and logical address. But I don't know if the "physical" address is actually burned into the routers nic? Does a router even have a nic?

Thanks in advance.