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v3.6.6 crashing often on MacOS Big Sur


I recently updated to MacOS Big Sur and I have noticed CLI Analyzer will disappear completely from my screen and dock without notice. 


I can be typing on a console session and boom, its just gone. There are no errors, and I can re-open it like nothing happened. 


It's a stressful situation when you're midway through configuring a device.




Same here. Is a new build coming?


Same problem here.  Any updates?


Nope, nothing.


this is clearly an issue with 3.6.6 + Big Sur

something to add ...

from console > syslog


"Dec 14 08:43:49 my-macbook-pro[1]: Coalition Cache Hit: app<> [284107]
Dec 14 08:44:10 my-macbook-pro[1] ([71866]): Service exited due to SIGSEGV | sent by exc handler[71866]
Dec 14 09:18:50 my-macbook-pro[1] ([85096]): removing service since it exited with consistent failure - OS_REASON_EXEC | Gatekeeper policy blocked execution
Dec 14 09:19:06 my-macbook-pro[1]: Coalition Cache Hit: app<> [310490]
Dec 14 09:42:14 my-macbook-pro[1] ([85277]): Service exited due to SIGSEGV | sent by exc handler[85277]"

David Dube
Cisco Employee

Hi All - a quick update. 


The development team is working on an update. We are roughly targeting a release in the mid to late January timeframe.


As part of that release, one of the tickets addresses digitally signing the app with Apple, which we're hoping may mitigate the issues with Gatekeeper. We've opened a ticket to make sure we validate the upcoming build with Big Sur (fresh install as well as upgrades from earlier versions). 

Thank you.



@daveald wrote:

We are roughly targeting a release in the mid to late January timeframe.
Is there any news about it?
David Dube
Cisco Employee

Hi Pietro - Unfortunately, this will have to get pushed out a few weeks due to a couple unplanned/unforeseen issues that cropped - the latter popped up mid last week.


FWIW, we were able to reproduce the crash in 3.6.6 with Big Sur. The upcoming version in the current development branch is now working fine with Big Sur. 


Our apologies for the delay.

Thanks for the update.

Will they include native support for the new apple processors in that version?




We're now ending Februari ... any update? It's quite annoying restarting the app every time

I hope that the delay is due to the desire on the part of Cisco, to make a comprehensive and definitive migration of all its desktop tools for Macos (CLI Analyzer, PacketTracer ...) to the current Universal Binary format ...

David Dube
Cisco Employee

Cisco CLI Analyzer v3.6.7 has just been released. Some of the delays were attributed to some packages that were updated right as we were about to release, which kicked off a new round of tests.


For Mac users, v3.6.7 was tested against Big Sur, and the crashes have been resolved. However, Mac users must manually upgrade the client. 


For windows users, support for 32 bit architectures has been deprecated. v3.6.6 is still available for x86 based systems.


Release Notes


The following general improvements were made:

  • Dependencies upgraded for improved security.
  • Add option to hide broadcast messages and keep them hidden.
  • Add periodic retry to failed file uploads.
  • Fix bug that prevents users from sending feedback for scan results.
  • Fix bug that prevents users from checking device coverage.
  • Add workaround for automatic updates on Mac OS X Big Sur.

Thank you. It seems to work correctly now.