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Expand your Tool Belt with TAC Knowledge Through the Cisco CLI Analyzer - Video

Community Manager

Support Talks video- Expand your Tool Belt with TAC Knowledge Through the Cisco CLI Analyzer

(Live event -  Thursday 17 December, 2020 at 9:30 am Pacific/ 12:30 pm Eastern / 6:30 pm Paris)
-This Support Talk event is a special session of the “TAC Tools Explained Series”-

This event will have place on Thursday 17th, December 2020 at 9:30hrs PDT 

This event provides an introduction to Cisco CLI Analyzer, its features, capabilities, and usage. The Cisco CLI Analyzer is a smart terminal emulator designed with internal TAC knowledge built in. Much like any terminal emulator, the CLI Analyzer provides the ability to store credentials for multiple devices as well as support for SSH and telnet. The CLI Analyzer is built to recognize and provide specific tools based on the Cisco device that you are connecting to. In this session experts covers some of the most useful tools available in the CLI Analyzer, including:

  • Contextual Help and Highlighting (CHH) – access to thousands of overlay elements that provide TAC knowledge, troubleshooting tips, and additional details right in your terminal.
  • System Diagnostics - the ability to analyze a set of commands from a variety of devices to help in resolving the most common configuration issues, address problems that are found, and ensure device stability.
  • Packet Capture Tool – a built-in tool for capturing packets across a variety of devices.
  • TAC Data Collection Tool – easily and quickly capture data requested by the TAC from a device and upload it to your case.
 Featured Speakers
noliver.jpgNick Oliver is a Technical Leader in the Cisco Customer Experience (CX) organization and specializes in Core Routing and Switching Software Architectures. He works primarily on Cisco IOS XE routers and switches and Cisco NX-OS switches. He has spent the past 20 years supporting a wide range of customers and loves solving complex problems. Nick holds a bachelor's degree in computer science from North Carolina State University and a CCIE certification in Enterprise Infrastructure (#21782).

magnus.pngMagnus Mortensen started his career at Cisco in 2006 as a TAC Engineer focusing on our Security product line. He is now a Principal Engineer in our CX organization, still with a focus on Security. His passions around innovation, automation, have fueled his career and led him to create everything from new case handling systems to Cisco CX's core automated problem detection system. Magnus is rarely satisfied with the status quo and is always looking for the next thing to improve.

For more information, visit the CLI Analyzer category.

This event is open to everyone, including students, instructors, Cisco customers and partners.
Do you know you  can get answers before opening a TAC case by visiting the Cisco Community.   

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