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Make traffic between IPSec end-points and Internet via Cisco CSR1000v

I made an IPsec tunnel between our CSR 1000v (AWS) and the LTE service provider router (ASR) and I can ping both sides of Tunnel with the following architecture: |<---> internet <---> web server CSR 1000v: |GigabitEthernet1 12...

NAT in ASA (5505) Firewal not working for VLANs configured in Layer

Toplogy: Used: Cisco Packet TracerScenario:NAT for hosts in any of the VLANs of Layer3-Switch not working.Ping requests reaches outside server, but NAT is not working so ISP Router can't route the request back to ASA (be...

CISCO IOS-XR, Python3.7, Not able to run commands like 'ls' and 'df' o

Cisco ios-xr router using CLI:RP/0/RP0#show versionThu Nov 25 07:53:59.103 UTCCisco IOS XR Software, Version (c) 2013-2020 by Cisco Systems, Inc.RP/0/RP0#runThu Nov 25 07:54:05.231 UTC[xr-vm_node0_RP0_CPU0:~]$dfFilesystem 1K-block...

Cisco CSR 1000v Provisioning failed in AWS

I tried to evaluate Cisco CSR 1000v in AWS but failed to provision the EC2 instance. Error message is about "The seller has not made this product available in the geo location associated with your customer account." What is this restriction?How do I ...

Resolved! CSR1000v on Azure cannot install HA v2 in guestshell

Hi allOur CSR1000v HA in azure stopped working so I decided to rebuild it based on my notes from our previously working configurationI destroyed and rebuilt guestshellBut when I try to install the HA package within I get this error [guestshell@guests...

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SSL certificate vulnerability on cisco csr 1000v router

HI All ,  Recently the vulnerbality management solution of our security team has scanned the public IP of our cisco csr 1000v router and observed that we have the self signed certificate on our csr VM. They have advised the installation of a valid ca...

/dev/loop3 partition 100% in use

I'm looking into an issue with failover not working during a recent outage on 1 of 2 CSRs used as DMVPN hub routers in Azure.  The failover consists of event manager using the guestshell and invoking scripts.  This worked in the past, b...

Resolved! CSR1000v vCUBE on Azure Cloud and Incoming SIP Trunk routing issue.

Hello guys, I have deployed a CSR1000v on Azure Cloud. I cannot get an incoming call on the SIP Trunk working. The necessary ports on the Azure Network Security Group are opened. However I do not see any SIP packets (IN/OUT) on the vCUBE.When using I...