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csr1000v in AWS - Which licences are on which products/AMIs?



I'm trying to make a decision on whether to go with BYOL or to get an instance with the bundled licence.

Can anyone tell me which throughput licences come with which AMIs?

The only info I can find is:

IPSec performance Guide: m3.medium for up to 130 Mbps. c3.large for up to 500 Mbps. c3.xlarge for 800 Mbps. c3.2xlarge for up to 1Gbps, and c3.4xlarge for 2Gbps.

But this just relates to the AMI performance and doesn't specify which licence is bundled with the different AMIs.

It seems the only way to check is to boot an instance and check using command "show platform hardware throughput level"

Any info greatly appreciated :)

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Aidan,

The AMIs with bundled CSR1000v software are offered with the SEC license or with the AX license. The license type offered is in the offering title. - The AMIs with enhanced networking support (higher throughput) include the "Max Performance" in the title as well. Once you select the AMI you want to use you will still need choose from a list of supported instance type within the offer.

I think though, this will help you make a choice. Today Cisco TAC support is only offered on BYOL AMIs, we cannot attach TAC support to an hourly based AMI of CSR because today Amazon does not share the customer information details, therefore we cannot offer TAC support contracts to CSR without customer info


Thanks for the info, will go with the byol option so we can get the TAC support too.


That's correct.  With the BYOL license on Amazon it comes with full TAC support included with the purchase of the license.


Thanks Nick,

Is there any recommendation of which AMI to choose for 1gbps IPSEC throughput?

It seems the only info there is for which bundled AMI supports which speeds. But for BYOL AMI it's unclear which AMI to go for to support my requirements of 1gbps ipsec traffic

Hi Aidan,

If you need 1Gbps IPSEC traffic throughput, I recommend you to use BYOL for Maximum Performance which will leverage AWS's HVM instance capability. It basically give you enhanced networking with SR-IOV. Instance type could be c3.2xlarge or c3.4xlarge for better performance.

For more information about HVM, you can find here

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