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Plamen Mladenov

CSR1000v evaluation license


I'm trying to find out what happens after CSR1000v evaluation license expire? I've found several documents describing that throughput will be limited to 2.5Mbps, but I can't find what happens with software features.

For instance I have a CSR1000v with activated Advanced software package with 60 days trial license (license boot level advanced) and I'm using some of the advanced features and I'm wondering whether these already configured features will be available after that 60 days?



Nicholas Oliver
Cisco Employee


Sorry about the delay, I've typed a response to this a couple of times and thought I had submitted it, but apparently not.  The throughput license drops to 2.5 Mbps as you mentioned.  The feature license is returned to a restricted (limited) standard license on the next reboot.  This means that features that you have configured that require a more advanced license will no longer be supported if you pass the evaluation period expiration date.  Unfortunately right-to-use licenses are not supported on the CSR1000v.  I am in the process of updating the following document to reflect this:

Once updated it will reflect that there will be "limited feature support" after the 60 day period in addition to the throughput reduction.




Hello Nick,


I'm uping this question regarding licencing.


I work for a worldwide educationnal center, and we are developping a new IPv6 course, with various features like 6RD, NAT64, etc.

Cisco routers will be used but not as the main objective of the course. Of course, using them will promote the Cisco brand.


So for this course, I'm planning to use a CSR1000v Router in a VMPlayer VM (plugged to one Win7 VM, one Linux VM and also bridged to the physical network), but I've got questions regarding licensing issues.


1) First, is it allowed to use the trial version of this image for educationnal purpose?

2) I'd like to have full features during the 5 days courses, so that would be mainly 6RD, NAT64/DNS64, but on a regular basis. This course will be delivered worldwide many times a year, so is it allowed to do that?

3) If so, then is it possible to put the installation into an already installed VM and launch the router without going through the whole installation process of the router, and still benefit from the 60 days trial?


To give an example,

Imagine I install a router in a model VM in nov 14 with minimal config (i.e. "Router >")

Attendee starts this VM in sept 15 "for the 1st time". Will it work with full features?


I'm not sure my question are very clear! :-)

Thank you in advance for your answer.



Sorry for the delayed response.  I have been traveling the past couple of weeks.  The evaluation license is designed to work with full features at a restricted throughput.  It is intended to be used for individuals to evaluate the product and the determine if they would like to purchase a license for it.  I think this should work for your purposes.  Here are some details:

I cannot say how the licensing would function in a model in which you have it bundled inside of a VM.  You may have to test this to determine how it works.  The intent is for it to be functional for 60 days, after that time the throughput would be further limited.  Hope that helps.




Am trying to configure the 60 day evaluation license: but the commands turn out nothing after running them

#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.
i(config)#license boot level premium
% use 'write' command to make license boot config take effect on next boot

#write memory
Building configuration...
Proceed with reload? [confirm]k      /* when i type "y" putty hangs/freezes

show license detail
% Error: No licenses found





Installing CSL Licenses for Cisco IOS XE 3.13S and Later:


I have two of these in a production environment and when I update the firmware version and reboot it reverts back to the limited bandwidth until it can phone home and reconfirm my license again.  Unfortunately with it being in a production environment, the router bandwidth is quickly maxed out and it can not complete the license verification unless I go in and restrict all other traffic.  Is this normal?  Is there some way to make the license verification permanent once it is completed the first time?