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Frankfurt Availability

I note that many of the CSR images are not available in Frankfurt.  Could someone please enable these images within this region?

Nicholas Oliver
Cisco Employee

You mean within the Amazon Frankfurt availability zone?  The only image available to be installed is the latest, unless you have previously installed a particularly image at which point you should be able to create an instance of that version.  We have avoided putting all images out there so that users are not creating instances on old release without realizing it and then encountering an issue that may have already been addressed.  Is there a specific release that you need, but do not see available?




If I go out to the Amazon Marketplace and search for "Cisco Cloud Service Router" I get six hits:

As of this post, all are version 03.14.01.S.  None of these seemed to be available in the Frankfurt zone when I originally posted my question.

Now the "Maximum Performance" variety are available in Frankfurt.  It's not clear, however, what the difference is between the non-max and max variety are; why would I pick one over the other?  If one is simply and older AMI, it would probably make things much clearer to disable that one and just keep the newest marketplace entry.

It may have been an oversight that they didn't initially show up in the Frankfurt availability zone.  Glad they are there now.  The difference between the regular and the Maximum Performance packages is the performance itself for each type of installation as a result there is also a cost difference.  If we take, for example, the AX Technology package, and look only at the Performance section of each listing this information is detailed:

AX Technology Package:
Performance Guide: m3.medium for up to 130 Mbps. M3.large & c3.large for up to 400 Mbps. M3.xlarge for up to 500 Mbps. c3.xlarge for 700 Mbps, and c3.2xlarge for up to 900Mbps. Actual performance is determined by real-time AWS environment

AX Technology Package for Maximum Performance:
IPSec performance Guide: m3.medium for up to 130 Mbps. c3.large for up to 500 Mbps. c3.xlarge for 800 Mbps. c3.2xlarge for up to 1Gbps, and c3.4xlarge for 2Gbps.

Hopefully that helps clarify your question.  As for the AMI version, we are trying to make the latest available in marketplace, unless you have previously installed a version.

Just to add a point of clarification, Frankfurt was not considered a core region by AWS so they did not provide AWS Marketplace functionality within that region for some time.  When they added support for the AWS Marketplace in that region, our listings for the CSR were automatically added there as well.  This will be true of future regions as well - the CSR listings will automatically support those regions when AWS decides to enable the marketplace for them.