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Information on Available AWS version



I'm not the administrator of this implementation and really have no visibility to any AWS portal for CSR1000v administration.


The customer I'm working with has licenses that have failed since AWS forced 16.10.1b on them.  The customer states that 16.9.2 - their "approved version" - is no longer available in the portal and believes this change in availability to be a function of Cisco Systems.


The two main questions I have from this - are:

1. Is this a function of Cisco? This seems to me to be a decision of AWS and what they choose to make available

2. Is there any way to force the usage of a preferred version instead of what seems to be mandated by AWS?  His issue description makes it seem like there's a dropdown that allows someone to select an image version


Can anyone give me any insight on the answers to these questions?  I have both referred the customer back to Amazon, but also asked to engage the Cisco AM for this customer - but want to make sure there's nothing simple I am missing that can help him without the intervention of either party.


Thanks in advance!

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