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Add "New Feature Request/Proposal"


There seems no area for "New Feature Request/Proposal".

Someone may has good ideas of improving Cisco device/software 's function, or want to request for new features.

Could you take a consideration about adding an area/WebPage for it?



Re: Add "New Feature Request/Proposal"

Great idea! I sometimes come across customer suggestions for improvements which are truly useful and have often wondered what to do with them.

Maybe a section for these suggested improvements, also allow other members of the Cisco community to comment on them and offer their own refinements.


Re: Add "New Feature Request/Proposal"

Hi, pmccubbin, thank you for assenting to my proposal.


Re: Add "New Feature Request/Proposal"

Good idea. however, if I remember correctly this is allready in place for Cisco partners. Anyhow, I think it should be limited to partners to ensure it does not get overwelmed by feature request that actually allready exist.


Re: Add "New Feature Request/Proposal"

Hi, I.mourits.

Thanks for reply.

IMO, it should NOT be limited to only partners, but to all customers, even including those family users (such as those who have bought small Linksys router), if possible. (People's wisdom is great ^_^)

A team can be organized to receive/filter customers' request/proposal. Besides, a feedback software/mechanism can be built for customers, to help them submit request, and to help the team to filter thousands of proposals.

For example, before, I have ever used some software development tools of Borland (today's CodeGear), like Delphi and JBuilder. Borland provides a software (or more exactly, it is a mechanism) called "Quality Central", which is for anyone to report bug, idea, or request. QC provides systematic categories, which can help customers classify their reports, at the same time, helping the team to organize reports.

All of above is only my personal idea/wish.


Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Re: Add "New Feature Request/Proposal"

i like the idea and actually if you want to present us a PER you may reach your AM to do so since as someone mentions not all customers are allowed to do so.

the idea of having everyone asking for things they think would be useful would be somewhat troublesome because i know for a fact that many people come to us and ask things like "i have a XX system that can do this, how can i do the same with Cisco?"

in many cases we do not have something near the functionality they want but unfortunately that's the way the product was developed.

in many cases people would ask for something specific to their business and not for something in general. i've seen some questions on things that many people want like pushing a background image in a batch or how to select how to pick-up a specific call and not in FIFO (which will be in our next release) but i've also been asked questions only once and never heard anyone ask the same never again

i don't want anyone to take this the wrong way but you need to understand that this is a business, so we're most concerned on what customers want and some guys that can ask for features may not be customers. i could gather all my friends and ask them to post a request even if they were not going to buy anything and just by taking the amount of petitions it wouldn't work. that's why this kind of requests are done thru Account Managers.

don't get me wrong, i like the idea but making that work thru NetPro would involve as you mention resources to do so, to validate the idea, to count how many support them, see if they could be implemented, etc




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Re: Add "New Feature Request/Proposal"

Thanks, javalenc.

I also hope everybody not consider my advice in a wrong way. I did not mean every request from everyone should be processed. But at least, I wish there could be a place for those non-customers to express their ideas, and a little Cisco-ers could spend a little time to have a look.

OK, maybe they can come here (Idea Center), or administrator may consider opening a dedicated sub-forum.

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Re: Add "New Feature Request/Proposal"

I'm interested in hearing more from everyone on this idea. How would users interact with a tool like this to ensure the proposed features are valued by multiple members in the community? Having an effective way for all users to vote and refine proposed features is paramount to the success of a program like this. Integrating new customer focused features in Cisco products is always a top priority and NetPro is great way to capture your ideas.

Cisco's WebEx community has a tool called Idea Share that might fulfill these needs. Any comments on what you think works or are needed enhancements for this application to be a NetPro success are welcome. If anyone else has another example of a similar tool that fits the bill please post it.


Dan Bruhn

NetPro Community Manager

Cheers, Dan
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