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Cisco should include Linux in Cisco Connect Software


I'm a fan of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. I know Cisco took time adopting Mac to "Network Connect Pro" which is now,

Cisco Connect. I feel the time has come to include Major Linux Distros in Cisco Connect, so that all my Computers, are afforded the same secure platform for networking.

Does anyone know if Cisco has plans to implement Linux? I'd certainly like to hear opinions, regarding this scenario!


John C


Phillip Remaker
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Since there are so many flavors of Linux, it is tough to make a "Linux" implementation of anything.  And since the market is divided, it is hard to pick the distributions.  Worse, you have to decide if it will use KDE, GNOME, or some other WM look-and-feel.

Have you tried running Cisco Connect in an emulator like WINE?  (I haven't. I'm just wondering)

You should also post this suggestion in the Cisco Home Community,

I no longer purchase devices that require Cisco Connect for this very reason.

If a device doesnt' have a web generic interface (read as compatible with all operating systms), then I blacklist it.

Hard to pick distrubutions?  Since most are based off Debian or Fedora, that's really not a valid issue.  As for the window manager... they all do the same thing; put windows on your screen with control buttons and menus....

The Linksys product line has since been sold off to Belkin, so "Cisco Connect" is no longer part of Cisco.

The general direction has been to move towards web based interfaces.

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