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Documentation for Cisco CIS5030 IPTV Set-top box

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The other day my Danish ISP sent me a new Black Box.

According to the label on the box it has been assembled in Czechoslovakia in July 2010.

The model number is CIS5030TDC-B.

The ISP has supplied a user's guide, which IMHO lacks a considerable amount of information.

I had hoped to find more information/documentation on a Cisco website, specifically a hardware and a software manual. The only thing that even comes close is a data sheet for a model called CIS5000.

The actual specifications like power requirements and whether or not the box may be installed insíde a cabinet can not be found in ther user's guide or the data sheet for the CIS5000.

Another thing I would like to know is the extent of time the box can do without power before the stored channel information "evaporates into thin air".

Occasionally we experience power outages. It is also interesting when considering the energy footprint of the box.

I have spent a considerable amount of time searching for documentation on the internet and a call to your Danish office yielded a hint about Scientific Atlanta but that didn't yield anything except the data sheet.

Now I hope this post will help me to find some more detailed documentation.

Best regards,

Eric Brown

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