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AMA-CUCM Troubleshooting: Best Practices for Reading Trace Files


DVR Wireless Broadcasting

As the digital TV conversion approaches the government is spending a lot of time telling consumers that so long as they have cable, their TV's will be fine. What the cable companies are be quiet about is that they want to convert the analog signal on the cable infrastructure to pure digital. This would require a tuning box on all TV's to 'descramble' the signal for which they can charge and control. The added costs to go 100% digital cable in a home will make it prohibitive in this day and age for people to also subscribe to a DVR for each set. Yet, it never fails that there are more than one television in the home and you have instances where you want to watch recorded television on a set that isn't hooked up to the DVR.

There are devices on the market today such as Apple TV, the Sling Box, and the new wireless networked movie box from NetFlix. While the Cisco router in the home is used for internet connectivity, the content can't be shared inside the home on the local wireless network.

Why not make a wireless antenna that connects to a cable DVR box that could broad cast the DVR signal and controls (menu) to a reciever that plugs into the HDMI connector on a remote Television set? Most televisions now have more than one input, so this would take one of those auxillary positions. A seperate remote (that Cisco can sell or bundle) would talk to the antenna on the television which would broadcast over the wireless network in the house. The router talks to the antenna and control on the DVR and streams the program back across the wireless network.

People would pay a "one time fee" for this type of technology and ease of use. It would lower the frustration that people have with the cable companies and their fees and service structure. Cisco could also market this to cable companies as a means of differentiation or value added service (which is a concept most cable companies don't comprehend.)

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