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DVR with specific advertisement filter


I know Cisco is an open company about new idea and customer need.

The product DVR a digital to analog tv recorder (Explorer).

Do you think that product wil be upgrade to allowed the customer to go over specific commercial advertisement. The customer could choise the type of advertisement (young/old, man or women) to see the advertisement just one time, only the new advertisement,the category of advertissement he need to buy or to don't see the advertisement for a period.

A new company of advertisement filter is in charge for a region to distribute the specific service need to control the advertisement. The advertisements signals (sound and video) might be transfer by internet to the DVR and manage (filter and continue the Tv program) following the customer specific need.

I see last month a Tv Channel «TV5 Monde» without advertissement. It was fantastic and the program is so great to see without mismatched commercial stop at each 10 minutes.

I figured that this is a big economic aspect for the TV channel. In France, they start to diminue the TV commercial. I think we beginning a new era where the customer will ask that kind of product to choise the type of commercial or to have a tv with no advertisement.

The new company that I have already speak who is in charge to distribute the specific advertisement might redistribute, the customer money who use this service, to the TV producer and distributor.

Do you think that Cisco could develop a type of DVR who could filter the advertisement ?

I am available to continue the discution on the subject

Sincerely yours

Michel Lagacé


Re: DVR with specific advertisement filter


I start on feb 25 2009 a conversation on the way we could on TV skip over commercial. Those days, I had done research on internet and find interesting information on:

This information and their documents show the history of that aspects. The legal, technology and consumer dimension of commercial skipping.

At this point, I did'nt know if I will continue to think about this idea. But, I understand that it is not a technology problem. It seems also that the program and the advertisementproduction company evolve to a new way of thinking.

So, a moment of reflection might be usefull before I continue to think about this idea. If a new commercial skipping is available, I am interested to expiment it.

Sincerely yours,

Michel Lagacé

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