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reduce packaging and unused cables

Can cisco introduce a product wide order code that means "do not ship the item with all the additional paper and console/aux cables". Often the boxes are opened and all the user manuals etc are not even looked at, they are just bined. I'm sure most large organisations have draws full of console/aux cables, so make it optional.

Should be a no cost option to remove unwanted items.

This may even help cisco meet there 2012 25% reduction in green house gas.

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Re: reduce packaging and unused cables

Hi Richard,

I really love this idea as well! We have boxes and boxes of unwanted materials that we try to save from ending up in a landfill. I think your option would be a brilliant way to go, nice suggestion my friend!

Take care,


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Re: reduce packaging and unused cables


I apologize for taking so long to acknowledge your great suggestion. I just want to let you know your voice has been heard and I've forwarded your suggestion to our Green team for further review.


Dan Bruhn

NetPro Community Manager

Cheers, Dan

Re: reduce packaging and unused cables

Thank you for your prudent suggestion. Cisco's Global Supply management organization is focusing on addressing 5 main environmental "impactors" of the Cisco supply chain. More efficient packaging, accessory option elections and potential increase in use of recycled materials for packaging are being investigated. While many documentation requirements are mandated by regulation, Cisco is implementing documentation reduction where feasible. Information on goals and pilots are contained in Cisco's Annual Citizenship Reports, located in the Corporate Social Responsibility section at


Re: reduce packaging and unused cables

Great idea, I have 100 unopened console cables sitting in a drawer.

As for the regulatory documents, can't that be printed on the box (inside or out) or on the plastic bag? I'm speaking to the document that's a page long.

2 more suggestions:

1) Include documentation on a CD, no paperwork.

2) Make the boxes smaller. This would save on the protective packaging and cardboard.

Thanks for listening,


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