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Connect-UCS: Failed


Hi All,

I am very new to Cisco UCS and PowerTool. I am not able to login to CIsco UCS manager using powertool. whenever I am typing the following:

PowerTool C:>Connect-UCS 10.x.x.x

It is prompting to enter username and password. But after typing my domain credentials as domainname\username and password, it is giving the following error everytime:

Connect-Ucs : Connect-Ucs: Connection to 10.x.x.x Failed.

At line:1 char:12

+ Connect-Ucs <<<<  10.x.x.x

    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Connect-Ucs], Exception

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Cisco.Ucs.Cmdlets.ConnectUcs

But with same domain credential I am able to login to UCS manager GUI.

Any help will be much appreciated.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

On your system, do you have a Web Proxy defined in your control panel? I have seen this specific issue many times where people had a Proxy defined, and the proxy was causing issues. If you have a proxy defined, can you try to turn the proxy off, and try again? Or list the IP in the Proxy configuration in Windows as an IP that will bypass the proxy for communications.





Connect-Ucs : Connect-Ucs: Connection to Failed


i m faing this issue while login to UCS could u plz help me tofigure out issue


this problem is related to infra or UCS

As was previously mentioned in this thread, does your environment require you to use a web proxy of some sort to connect your workstation/desktop session, to the UCSM environment in question?

Do you get positive output from the following:

  • ping
  • via linux host with netcat package installed: nc -zv 443 , nc -zv 80
  • via linux host, curl -I

Using these previous commands/tools, these are bypassing your webbrowser, and any proxy server settings you may have.

If the above commands fail, but you can access your UCSM GUI via your web browser, then you likely have some sort of proxy you need to reference in your UCS-connect string with the -Proxy parameter.




It's ping but my system don't have Linux support

What to do??

Install wireshark on you windows desktop, and see if you are getting responses from the UCSM over 80/443 TCP ports.

If not,, you need to have a conversation with your networking team about proxies or ACLs, etc.

Also, please confirm you are using the default 'admin' account with matching password.



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Any powershell cmd to see port ping ?

If you have Powershell 5 or higher:


Test-NetConnection -port 443

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