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Cisco IMC Plugin for Nagios (version 0.9.4)


We are pleased to release Cisco IMC Plugin 0.9.4 for Nagios

Nagios is an open source computer system monitoring, network monitoring and infrastructure monitoring software application. Nagios offers monitoring and alerting services for servers, switches, applications, and services.

The solution provides end-user with two components.

  • The first is the Nagios monitoring plugin script (cisco_imc_nagios) which will provide end-user with the capability of monitoring the Cisco IMC of standalone UCS C-Series Servers.
  • The second is an add-on to the Nagios, which will provide end-user with the capability to auto discover Cisco IMC of standalone UCS C-Series Servers and create the host definitions in Nagios . It also creates the service definitions for the services defined in the configuration file. By default, the "Check Rack Servers" service is defined in the configuration which uses the cisco_imc_nagios script to calculate the health of the servers. For servers which are not healthy, it gives the associated faults and their details. For servers which are healthy, it givs the inventory details.

Supported Nagios Releases:

This plugin is supported on Nagios version 3.2 and higher versions.

Supported Cisco IMC Releases:

This plugin is supported on Cisco IMC Releases >= 1.5


imcsdk >=0.9.2

'imcsdk' can be installed using the command 'pip install imcsdk'

What is new in release 0.9.4?

  • Support for modular C3260 and classic platforms
  • Requires the imcsdk 0.9.2 or higher
  • Supports IMC firmware version 1.5 and above
  • Support for TLSv1.2
  • Fixes an issue with the plugin showing status OK, even when faults existed. This happened when using "--type class --query FaultInst"
  • Reduces time taken to compute status when using "--type class --query FaultInst"

Refer to the attached user guide for installation and usage details.

For any queries/feedback on Cisco IMC Plugin for Nagios, please add a discussion to the Cisco Developed Integrations sub-space on Cisco UCS Communities.

Community Member

I am receiving this error when I test check the IMC plugin from the command line as well as when using the autodiscovery:

AttributeError Message >> 'ImcHandle' object has no attribute 'Login'

This is the command and output I am running for the imc in nagios:

COMMAND: /usr/local/nagios/libexec/cisco_imc_nagios --NoSsl -H -u admin -p password  -t class -q EquipmentPsu

OUTPUT: Error is of Type : AttributeError Message >> 'ImcHandle' object has no attribute 'Login'

I am stumped.  Any ideas?

Jeffrey Foster
Cisco Employee

Hi Mike,

What version(s) of the Nagios Plug-in and Python are you running? There were some changes to the attributes in v.0.7.1 of the Python SDK (in this case 'Login' was changed to 'login') - which could be the issue based on the error message you posted.

I still have the older Nagios Plugin and Python SDK loaded on my setup and the syntax provided is correct, which is why I am interested in the version(s) of these tools that you have installed. Perhaps you updated Python recently to v0.7.1?



Community Member

I am running ImcSdk-0.7.1

Python 2.6.6

Jeffrey Foster
Cisco Employee

One other question - What version of the Nagios Plugin are you running? Are you running v0.9.2 or some earlier version?

Please note that in v0.7.1 of the Python SDK there were updates made to attribute names including 'Login' to 'login' which could be the cause here. (older Nagios plugin version with newer Python SDK version).

Community Member

I’m using cisco_nagios_imc_0.9.1

Cisco Employee


IMC plugin 0.9.1 will not working with Python SDK 0.7.1. You need to use IMC plugin 0.9.2. Our apologies for not making it clear. Will update the post.


Community Member

Thank you!  I'm actually using Nagios XI R2.3.  Will this be an issue?  I see the requirements say to use Nagios 3.2

Cisco Employee


We have not done any official qualification with Nagios XI but it should work fine.



I am using 0.9.2 of the plugin against a UCS C220 M4S with firmware 2.0(3i). I can see from the CIMC GUI web page that there are 2 power supplies in Good status and 6 fans also in Good status.

But if I use visore or the plugin to query the operability attribute of the PSUs, it consistently says the last PSU or Fan is operability unknown. Is this a firmware issue or something?

$ ./ --version

Cisco IMC Nagios Monitoring Plugin version :  0.9.2

$ ./ -H mgds-ucsesxi01-cimc.mgds.local -u admin -p <password> -t class -q equipmentFanModule -a operability -r operable

CRITICAL - sys/rack-unit-1/fan-module-1-1 - operability : operable

sys/rack-unit-1/fan-module-1-2 - operability : operable

sys/rack-unit-1/fan-module-1-3 - operability : operable

sys/rack-unit-1/fan-module-1-4 - operability : operable

sys/rack-unit-1/fan-module-1-5 - operability : operable

sys/rack-unit-1/fan-module-1-6 - operability : unknown

$ ./ -H mgds-ucsesxi01-cimc.mgds.local -u admin -p <password> -t class -q equipmentPsu -a operability -r operable

CRITICAL - sys/rack-unit-1/psu-1 - operability : operable

sys/rack-unit-1/psu-2 - operability : unknown

I have 3 identical servers (same model, same firmware) and they all exhibit this behavior via the XML API.

Cisco Employee


Yes, operability as unknown is a know issue in C220 M4 firmware.

The firmware team will be out with the fix for this soon.

Community Member

I have this plugin working great on our UCS C220 servers but when I use it on our C240 servers they are all giving me the error for the Check Rack Server Service: (Service check timed out after 60.01 seconds)"  I've tried upgrading the cimc firmware and it does not make any difference.  The ping service is working but we want to monitor the health of these servers.
Community Member

You need to increase Nagios check service timeout in nagios.cfg in order to make it work. I suspect the service is quite slow.

Cisco Employee

Thanks Maithieu for the reply.

In a case where we get the "Service check timed out" message we can try and resolve the same by modifying below parameters in nagios.cfg file.

---- service_check_timeout=XX


This is the maximum number of seconds that Nagios will allow service checks to run. If the network is slow or IMC/UCSM  is slow in responding to the XML requests then it is recommended to increase this value and check the results.

---- max_concurrent_checks=XX

In case of slow Nagios host or network or IMC/UCSM is responding slowly to the XML requests, user is recommended to keep this value to a minimum. This option will run minimum number of concurrent services on the Nagios host thereby stabilizing the system and in turn handling the frequent service time out issue.

For more details about these options and configurations :

Community Member

I am running a check on nagios as per below.  When trying to run the check, after 4 tries I'm getting the below error.




#Plugin version



ComputeRackUnit;UNKNOWN;HARD;3;Error is of Type :   ImcException  Message >> [ErrorCode]: 554 [ErrorDescription]: Maximum sessions reached

When checking the sessions on the CIMC I notice that for every check (xmlapi) there is a login from my monitoring user.

Shouldnt the plugin logout after retrieving the information from the CIMC?

Community Member

I managed to solve the above issue.  Regarding the check, is it normal that it takes more than 3minutes to give you the value back?

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