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Cisco IMC Plugin for Nagios (version 0.9.4)


We are pleased to release Cisco IMC Plugin 0.9.4 for Nagios

Nagios is an open source computer system monitoring, network monitoring and infrastructure monitoring software application. Nagios offers monitoring and alerting services for servers, switches, applications, and services.

The solution provides end-user with two components.

  • The first is the Nagios monitoring plugin script (cisco_imc_nagios) which will provide end-user with the capability of monitoring the Cisco IMC of standalone UCS C-Series Servers.
  • The second is an add-on to the Nagios, which will provide end-user with the capability to auto discover Cisco IMC of standalone UCS C-Series Servers and create the host definitions in Nagios . It also creates the service definitions for the services defined in the configuration file. By default, the "Check Rack Servers" service is defined in the configuration which uses the cisco_imc_nagios script to calculate the health of the servers. For servers which are not healthy, it gives the associated faults and their details. For servers which are healthy, it givs the inventory details.

Supported Nagios Releases:

This plugin is supported on Nagios version 3.2 and higher versions.

Supported Cisco IMC Releases:

This plugin is supported on Cisco IMC Releases >= 1.5


imcsdk >=0.9.2

'imcsdk' can be installed using the command 'pip install imcsdk'

What is new in release 0.9.4?

  • Support for modular C3260 and classic platforms
  • Requires the imcsdk 0.9.2 or higher
  • Supports IMC firmware version 1.5 and above
  • Support for TLSv1.2
  • Fixes an issue with the plugin showing status OK, even when faults existed. This happened when using "--type class --query FaultInst"
  • Reduces time taken to compute status when using "--type class --query FaultInst"

Refer to the attached user guide for installation and usage details.

For any queries/feedback on Cisco IMC Plugin for Nagios, please add a discussion to the Cisco Developed Integrations sub-space on Cisco UCS Communities.


Do we have a plugin which supports Cisco IMC firmware version 1.4 (3x)? Or is there a way that i can run the IMC commands from a linux server and see the output?

Community Member


is there any way to speed up querying a UCS C220 M4S server?

I have a query for the overall hardware status, that looks like this:

./cisco_imc_nagios -H <ip> -u <user> -p <pass> -q sys/rack-unit-1 -t dn --NoSsl -S -F -R

It takes forever to complete and is not usable in the monitoring environment, because the check always times out.

I'm using the latest downloadable plugin and imc sdk.

Firmware of the server is 3.0(3a)

BIOS-Version is C220M4.3.0.3a.0.0321172055

Thanks in advance and greetings

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I am running the same hardware same firmware.  Running the command at the CLI can take anywhere for 60 seconds to more than 5 minutes which to me is not a workable solution.  It seems to me, the more times I have run the probe the longer it seems to take.

Has anyone gotten anywhere with this?

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When running I am getting the following error for our C220 M4 servers:

Connecting to IMC - 'hostname.domain' with user 'admin' and password 'thebase64encodedpassword'

Connect using NoSsl as 'False', port as '443'

Error while trying to discover  : hostname.domain

Exception: Not a supported server.

Error while trying to auto discover Rack Infrastructure. Check if any of the Rack's are reachable.

The Plugin with installed on a Nagios Server running on/with:

Ubuntu Server:     14.04.2 LTS

Nagios Core:        4.0.8

Nagios Plugins:    2.2.1

imcsdk version:

The UCS C-Series servers are running on:
Firmware version: 2.0(3i)

BIOS version:      C220M4.2.0.3d.0.111120141447

From a CLI of the CIMC I am able to observe an "xmlapi"-session using "show user-session detail" during the discovery, indicating the the user is logged in properly and that the UCS servers IMC return something unexpected.

The string "Not a supported server" originates from imcsdk/, in a function that validates we are connecting to an IMC system.

To my knowledge (based on the information in this article) the server should be supported (and it IS the correct server I am connecting to). Any hints?

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We have found a workaround to this issue that seems to work fine.

The servers was apparently not "clean" C220 M4 servers, as they were bought as APIC appliances. Therefore the reported model name after login was not one those expected in $PYTHONLIBRARIES/imcsdk/

By manipulating that file we observed that the model name reported (APIC-SERVER-M2) was the "PID" from the output of the CIMC command "show chassis detail".

This led us to change the list of valid models in the "_validate_model" method in to:

valid_models = ["R460-4640810", "C260-BASE-2646", "APIC-SERVER-M2"]

If this could be supported in future releases of the plugin (or rather "imcsdk") - that would be great!

Community Member

Updating the firmware to 3.0(3f) did help in our case.

The checks are now working, though they take around 150 to 180 seconds...

Don't know why these UCS Rack Servers are so slow to respond to the calls.

On a system with UCS manager a similar check to "sys/chassis-1" takes just around 7 sec (using the the cisco ucs nagios sdk/plugin)

Cisco Employee

There is a difference between UCSM and Standalone C-Series because UCSM MIT (Management Information Tree) is resident in FI, where for C-Series, this is dynamically generated. Not sure what you are trying to query here, but you can improve performance if you run very specific queries rather than high-level inHierarchial queries for standalone platforms because it does take time to query the system to generate the details included int he response.


I am running the below command to check the storage raid battery :


/cisco_imc_nagios -H 10.24.*.* -u admin -p **** -t class -q "storageRaidBattery"


type: class

query: storageRaidBattery


I would like to know what are the types of query we can make it to check for fan, disk,cpu, memory for the CIMC and other hardware monitoring metrics. 


provide me the list of query arguments so that I can apply on my systems to get the most of the script. 

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