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Cisco UCS Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations


UCS Management Pack 2.0(3) for VMWare vRealize Operations Manager 6.3/6.4/6.5/6.6/6.7/7.0


This version of the management pack supports VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.3/6.4/6.5/6.6/6.7 and addresses few bugs along with new features as:

  • Support for manual discovery of the resources
  • Support for creating adapter instances using proxy server
  • New Resource kinds, metrics and properties related to S3X60 chassis and severs.


Download link:!y&mdfid=286305108&softwareid=286305820&release=2.0(3)


Release Notes:

Release Notes for Cisco UCS Management Pack, Release 2.x For VMware vRealize Operations Manager - Cisco


UCS Management Pack 2.0(2) for VMWare vRealize Operations Manager 6.2/6.3/6.4


This version of the management pack supports VMware vRealize Operations Manager 6.2/6.3/6.4 and addresses few bugs.


Download link:!y&mdfid=286305108&softwareid=286305820&release=2.0(2)


Release Notes:

Release Notes for Cisco UCS Management Pack, Release 2.x For VMware vRealize Operations Manager - Cisco


UCS Management Pack 2.0(1) for VMWare vRealize Operations Manager 6.0/6.1


Happy to announce that UCS Management Pack 2.0 for vRealize Operations 6.0/6.1 is on 


This pack contains UCS Manager Adapter which helps in monitoring the UCS domain physical infrastructure within vRealize Operations. It provides correlation between the UCS physical and the VMWare virtual infrastructure components and features several capabilities including UCS inventory, monitoring UCS health and alerts, viewing correlations and I/O power, temperature performance metrics from within vRealize Operations.


Download Link:


Release Notes:


User Guide:


External customers - For any issues, contact Cisco TAC (highly recommended for quick resolution) or add a discussion to the Cisco Developed Integrations sub-space on Cisco UCS Communities. Send your suggestions for new features to


Internal (Cisco) customers and employees - Contact us at for support questions and for roadmap questions, new feature requests and feedback.


UCSM Management Pack 1.1(1) for VMWare vCenter Operations Manager 5.8.x


New features in this release: All of UCSM Management Pack 1.0.1 features plus the following;

  • Support for several new resource kinds - Fabric Interconnect, Server adaptor, server motherboard, fan, psu etc.
  • Metrics and statistics for ports, port channels, adaptors, DCE interfaces, vHBAs, vNICs and iSCSI vNICs


Supported Cisco UCS Manager versions - 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2

Support VMware vCenter Operations Manager versions - 5.8 (5.8.2 and above)


Software Download:


Release Notes:


User Guide:

Cisco UCS Manager Adapter User Guide, Release 1.x for VMware vCenter Operations Manager - Cisco


Yes, please enable debug logs and generate a support bundle.


I have generated the support logs but it is a 2.5GB file.  I won't be able to email that.  Do you have an FTP site or any other means to upload this file?

Frequent Contributor

Hi Kevin,

You can try to share the file with Nithya through your Jive profile. Go to your profile.  ( . Click the "content" tab. On the Content page, is "Add some content" and "uploaded file". Click there to upload your file. On this page (at the bottom) you can choose to work privately with another member on your file, so add Nithya  I am not sure of the file size upload limitation on the system however, but hopefully this might work. Let me know if you have questions.



Cisco Community Manager


Hi Greg,

It’s telling me that the document is too large.


Can you upload to this Box folder location? I have given you upload permissions as well.



Cisco Employee

Hi Kevin,

You can run the following command from vROps console to install the UCSM dashboards

python /storage/db/pakRepoLocal/CiscoUCS-202/extracted/

Mean while please share the logs to the Box folder provided by Nithya. They would help us in root causing the issue and fix it so that such scenarios can be avoided in the future.


Vikramarjuna M


I have uploaded the logs to the box account. In the meantime, I’ll try the manual install provided by Vikramarjuna. Thank you all for your help. I’ll report back after I try the install.


I am happy to report that I now see the Dashboards after running the python command.  I want to thank everyone for their help!


Glad to know that worked and thanks for the logs, Kevin.

Community Member


I'm trying to setup the UCS MP on vROPS 6.4. Having some trouble creating the adapter which keeps failing with:

"Unable to establish a valid connection to the target system. vRealize Operations REST API connection test failed: ';)V'. This may be due to an incorrect username or password."

I have tried the local vROPS admin account as well as LDAP accounts and still no luck. I can verify a session is created on UCSM so that login appears to be working. Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Hi Andrew,

Have you been using the pack on older version of vROps and facing the problem with 6.4 or you are using the pack for the first time on 6.4?

Which variant (windows, OVA) of the vROps are you using? Is this a direct install or an upgrade from a previous version.

Can please share the support bundle generated with debug logs enabled.


Vikramarjuna M

Community Member


I actually got this figured out this morning. After a lot of trial and error I found that the authentication domain had to be specified with the username. In my case this was the local vROps admin account and the authentication domain was the local hostname of the master node (see

This could be unique to my environment because we primarily use LDAP authentication in vROps. For reference this was the first time I set up the UCS MP on a 6.4 OVA deployment.

Hopefully this helps someone else out down the road.

Community Member

Will there be a version of this Management Pack released from Cisco to support connecting to Cisco UCS Central instead of Manager?

Cisco Employee

HI Michael,

There is no plan as of now. You can directly add the UCS domains managed by UCS Central to vROps and get the statistics and metrics directly from the UCS domains. All you need is a read-only user credentials to add the UCS domains in vROPs pack. Any specific reason for you looking for integration with UCS central? There aren’t many metrics available in UCS central today which is available directly from UCS Manager.



Community Member

I have 8 UCS Central installs with over 40 UCS Managers under each UCS Central. Connecting all those UCSMs will be a pain to manage. Rather than connecting 300+ managers, I would rather connect directly to the less than a dozen UCSCs. That would be far simpler for me to manage.



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