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Cisco UCS Manager Flex-based Plugin for VMware vSphere Web Client (End of Support)


End of Support Notice: Support for the Flex-based Plugin for VMware vSphere has been discontinued.  The HTML based Plugin is recommended as a replacement.


Previous Release Information:


Cisco UCS Manager Plugin is an extension for the vSphere Web Client. It enables virtualization administrators to view, manage and monitor various aspects of Cisco UCS physical infrastructure. The result is a single pane of glass for Virtual Center users to get both physical and virtual infrastructure information for a given hypervisor.


New Features in UCS Manager Plugin 2.0(3):

  • Defect fixes


Supported vSphere Web Client Releases:

  • vSphere Web Client 5.5
  • vSphere Web Client 6.0
  • vSphere Web Client 6.5


Refer to release notes and user guide for more details.


Hi Jonathan, does not give this flexibility. When we moved from cisco communities to, we had to disable that option. But we are improving the registration tool to have more capabilities. We are even exploring options to register plugin without web server.  Regards, Vaibhav


Hi Narendra, The plugin is supported by TAC and please raise a SR to get the issue resolved. Regards, Vaibhav

Community Member

After starting the Cisco UCS Registration Tool.exe i get following Error Message.

Failed to load assembly VMware.Vim.dll

VMware vSphere PowerCLI 6.0 Release 3 is installed?

Cisco Employee


There are two Registration tool available on communities.

  1. Version 1.1.1
  2. Version 1.1.2 which is the only one compatible with power CLI 6.x

Kindly download Registration tool version 1.1.2 which is compatible with Power CLI 6.0 Release 3.

Please let us know if you will face any compatibility issues with Registration tool version 1.1.2.


Puneet Relhan

Community Member

Hi, i have the client registered and showing up correctly in vCentre. however, when i go to register the domain, i enter the IP address (or even FQDN) for CIMC. but i get the error message



Can you tell me what could be the possible issue ? what IP i would need to enter there. will it not be for the CIMC ?

Cisco Employee


Are you using a UCS Manager based domain or Rack servers directly? If the former, then please use the domain IP and credentials. If its Rack server without a Fabric Interconnect, we dont support that mode of operation yet.

--Arun S

Community Member

it is a Rack server.... no blades... and it is not connected via Fibre Interconnect....

i guess i am SOL.... thanks...

Cisco Employee

The plugin is meant to work with FI attached servers only - UCS manager managed.

Cisco Employee

Hi David,  and all

I am having the same issue but running VCSA, I already tried to setup http(s) export on VCSA pointing to my local proxy, however still nothing after logging in and out + restarting the service... Any thoughts?



UCS Manager 3.1 will be supported in future?

Cisco Employee

Are you looking for any specific new feature available in UCS Manager 3.1 or just interoperability testing of existing features of plugin with UCS Manager 3.1?

Community Member

I have installed 1.2.2 into our environment (vCenter 6.0 U2 and UCSM 3.1) after that we got sso login errors, and vcenter did mistakes like become slow. May be becouse UCSM 3.1 not supported in v1.2.2. The features was great until I had to uninstall the plugin.


Running vcenter 6 and UCS 3.1. A "Cisco UCS" shortcut appears on the vcenter home tab, but when I try to launch the plugin, I'm getting this error:

Cannot navigate to the desired location.

Error details: An error occurred while activating extension

Invalid domain view id:

Community Member

Hello max,

Seems to be something wrong in the setup.

a. Does the extension manager(https://<vcenter ip>/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager) show

b. Could find in vmware communities about similar issues and the user/role permissions are suspected. Could you please check that.

c. One of the cases it did mention about clearing the browser cache as well. Please check that as well.

If you couldn't find a clue, we need to analyse the web client logs. This can be done over webex.



Community Member

When I try to run the registration tool I get an error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"

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